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Redeem Clinic’s ethos is ‘Excellence in everything they do at a price the customer can afford’ and by following this principle they have helped 1000’s of satisfied clients to date in relation to their Semi permanent makeup (inc Eyebrow tattoo) , tattoo removal, facial aesthetics and Tricopigmentation requirements.

Redeem recognise that there’s no better feeling than waking up every morning to perfect makeup to your eyebrows, lips or eye line, never having to see that unwanted tattoo ever again or waking up to that flawless, wrinkle free face in the mirror and never feeling self-conscious about that thinning hair.

Redeem clients tell them only too often how they have made them ‘feel a million dollar’, ‘how delighted they are with the results’, how ‘wonderful and amazed’ they are with their treatments* and Redeem staff love working within their ‘feel good’ industry. Loving what you do, doesn’t only give you empathy with your clients situation it makes sure you go the extra mile to ensure you meet your clients expectations. Redeem Clinics semi permanent makeup, tattoo removal, Hair pigmentalia / Tricopigmentation and facials aesthetics treatments truly are life changing services.

Redeem clinic only perform four type of treatment within their clinics that ensures they remain experts at what they do and consequently do not fall under the title of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. All Redeem staff are highly trained and experienced in each of their fields be it semi permanent makeup (inc Eyebrow tattoo), scalp micropigmentation, tattoo removal, dermal fillers or botulinum cosmetic injection.


Semi permanent makeup offers perfect makeup to brows, lips or eyeliner that last 2-5 years. Imagine never having to constantly re-apply brow makeup, eyeliner or lipstick, never having to worry about your makeup smudging or rubbing off whilst in the gym, in the pool on holiday or rushing to work in the morning. With hair by hair and 3D specialist eyebrow tattoo techniques Redeem clinics also help hundreds of clients each year that have lost brows hairs due to over plucking or have hair loss ailments such as alopecia etc.

Redeem Clinic client’s needs and desires vary greatly and we also cater for both men and women suffering from scalp hair loss, pattern baldness, diffuse thinning, premature balding, alopecia totalis, etc. Our Pigmentalia micropigmentation service offers the perfect solution to all the clients varying hair loss needs, allowing for full densification for thinning hair to giving male clients with total hair loss the opportunity to regain the appearance of a full shaved head of hair.

marking out hairline

Redeem offer both Rejuvi and laser tattoo removal services and consequently were the first clinic in Yorkshire capable of removing all coloured pigments from within a tattoo (although other may say lasers will remove all colours the physical fact is that they will only remove blue, black, reds and greens pigments effectively). People are choosing to remove their tattoos for various reasons be it looking for a job, regretting their impulsive youth, wanting their old partners named removed or simply wanting to lighten the tattoo for a cover up. Having an in depth knowledge  of the industry already Redeem Clinic also specialise in laser tattoo removal for eyebrow tattoo and semi permanent makeup brows. Whichever reason it is for Redeem clinic offer the most comprehensive tattoo removal service in the region and are here to help, seeing tattoos removed with 20% less treatments than the industry average. With both male and female tattoo removal technicians Redeem clinic are pleased to offer choice for clients with a preference.

Modern times see both women and men turning to botulinum injection and dermal fillers in order to maintain that youthful appearance or even aiding various personal conditions. As well as helping loose those wrinkles and frown lines botulinum injection can also help resolve long term headache issues as well eliminate perfuse sweating etc. The medical staff only facial aesthetics treatments within Redeem Clinic help both men and women achieve their personal goals whilst also ensuring the highest level of clinical professionalism and service.

With clinics in Hull, Halifax, Harrogate, Leeds and Sheffield then why not turn to the best and let Redeem clinic help you, be your best in body, mind and pocket!

Redeem clinic offer one of the most comprehensive forms of tattoo removal in the whole of the Yorkshire region, by using both laser and Rejuvi techniques the client has a choice of services that ensures the best possible results. The conventional Laser tattoo removal service is a very quick and simple procedure with a short and efficient healing process. Using a special Q-switch laser mechanism it offers an even fade area across the tattoo during treatment and comes with a lower individual price per treatment when compared to Rejuvi. As with 99% of laser used in the country today the Laser only works at eliminating dark colours such as blacks, blues, browns and reds from tattoos yet performs this exceptionally well.

With Redeems Rejuvi Tattoo Removal procedures clients are seeing wonderful results over and above those of conventional laser removal. Rejuvi can remove all colour tattoo pigments, not just the standard blacks, blues and dark colours of laser making it better for more complex tattoo removals (or full colour tattoos). With the average tattoo area taking between only 5-6 treatments for full removal with the Rejuvi system there can be some substantial time savings to be made over laser, which typically required 10-12 treatments. Although each treatment is a slightly higher cost than laser the fact that only half as many Rejuvi treatments are usually needed means the overall cost to removal a tattoo can be far less than laser. New micro-pigmentation, digital equipment means the Rejuvi industry has moved forward to giving sector leading “low scar risk” results whilst being reputedly the least painful method of removing tattoos in the industry today.

Botox Treatment

We all know that wrinkle and lines to the facial area are a natural part of the aging process, one of the most common and successful , non-surgical, ways to reduce the inevitable features is through anti-wrinkle methods and dermal fillers. Since their introduction to the UK market in the late 80’s anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers have greatly improve, however with the industry being unregulated for many years many clients have genuine concerns with regards to having these treatments. Redeem clinic recognise these concerns and this is why they only employ the use of highly experience/trained medical personnel.

Doctors that can advise if cosmetic injections or filler are the correct course of treatment for you in the first place. You will never be simply treated with anti-wrinkle injections or filler treatments without consideration and consultation of your needs and options in the first place.

We do not employ beautician or untrained technician to carry out any such treatments. You will be treated by medically trained staff with years experience,  staff that fully understands facial anatomy ensuring Redeem clinic are proud to offer some of the highest levels of facial aesthetics in the region.

Redeem has several clinics throughout the Yorkshire region including Hull, Sheffield, Harrogate, Leeds and Halifax. With the “feel good” factor being in abundance within everything they do from Semi permanent makeup, Eyebrow tattoo, Tattoo removal, Anti-wrinkle, Fillers and facial aesthetics the client can be rest assured that Redeem clinics are a perfect choice when it comes to achieving truly wonderful, natural and beautiful cosmetics within the Yorkshire region.

Let Redeem help you, be your best in body, mind and pocket!


NB It should be noted that Botox is a trading name for Botulinum toxin, acts by blocking acetylcholine, the chemical which transmits electrical impulses that cause muscle contractions.  It is usually injected, into the face, to temporarily “paralyse” the muscles and has a temporary effect on the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is a prescription-only medicine, which should only be injected by a suitably qualified health professional or Doctor. Other forms of anti-wrinkle injections are available. Although semi permanent eyebrow makeup is often called eyebrow tattoo, clients can be rest assured that the methods we use are only temporary (2-5years) and not permanent as with tradition eyebrow tattoo

(*source Redeem testimonials ** Subject to lower price offers being within the Yorkshire region and written proof evidence being submitted within 14 days of treatment date)

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