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Permanent makeup prices - Redeem Clinic regions best value



Count down to a beautiful Christmas?


Redeem Christmas

With only a few weeks before ‘party time’ Redeem clinic have the perfect solutions to make you look the ‘belle of the ball’ this Christmas, whether your visiting friends or family, attending the Christmas party or enjoying your nights out over the holiday season, we know how important it is to look your best. With our semi permanent make and facial aesthetic treatments at fabulous seasonal discounts then Redeem Clinic are the perfect solution to the ‘perfect you’ this Christmas and for further Christmas’s to come. With Semi permanent makeup that lasts 2-5 years and doctor lead ‘anti wrinkle’ treatments then you’ll also be in very safe hands. We also know how expensive Christmas can be and consequently we want to help you on your way with a £45 discount voucher for treatments with Dr Wendy Hart or a £189 voucher that allows for semi permanent brows, liner or lips with Laura Cherrington reputedly the regions leading semi permanent makeup technician. All you need to do is apply ‘HERE‘ and will send you your appropriate voucher within 48 hours. You could also ‘Hint to Hubby’ as we know how bad they all are at choosing that perfect Christmas present we really want :-)Anti-wrinkle, Botox or fillers discount voucher only applies to our Hull Clinic. Our semi permanent makeup deal voucher can be used at our clinics in Leeds, Harrogate, Hull or Halifax

Back by popular demand – Our Fantastic Multi-Deal Offers

permanent makeup deal

You love our Semi Permanent makeup mutli-deals so much we have decided to re-launch our offer for Autumn and Winter of 2014. We always aim to offer the best value semi permanent makeup treatments in our region and as such have structured our permanent makeup deals as follows:-

Please see below our fantastic deals for semi permanent makeup multi treatments

FREE consultation

2.Top & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £269

2.Lip Liner & Eyebrows semi permanent makeup * – £359

2.Lip blush with lip liner & Eyebrows semi permanent makeup * – £429

2.Eyebrows* & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Eyebrows* & Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Eyebrows* with Bottom &Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £429

2.Bottom Eyeliner with Lip Liner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Top Eyeliner with Lip Liner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Bottom/Top Eyeliner with Lip Liner semi permanent makeup – £429

2.Bottom/Top Eyeliner with Lip blush and Lip Liner semi permanent makeup –£449

3.Lip Liner & Brows* & Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £459

3.Lip Liner & Brows* & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £459

3.Lip Liner & Brows* with Top & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £529

3.Lip blush with lip liner & Brows* & Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £529

3.Lip blush & lip liner& Brows* & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £529

Patch test charged extra at £10

All the above semi permanent makeup treatments are available at any of our clinics within the Yorkshire region, which include Leeds, Harrogate, Hull and Halifax. To book an appointment for your permanent makeup consultation / treatment then simply call us on 07738 757767 or use the contact page on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’re number ‘1’ in the world !!!

No 1 semi permanent makeup

Search for ‘Semi permanent  Makeup’ on YouTube and you’ll find Redeem Clinic have 7 out of the top 20 most viewed videos on YouTube, with their ‘HD Eyebrows-3D permanent makeup tutorial’ video being at the top of the page as the most watched video in its category in the WORLD. The nearest video in this sector is over half a million views away from the Redeem clinic video.

Laura Cherrington a partner and the leading technician within Redeem clinic says ‘Our video channel has been a tremendous success’. The business  has worked very hard with regards to its online presence and long ago recognised that due to the services the business offers (semi permanent makeup, tattoo removal and facial aesthetics) many client wanted to understand exactly what was involved in the processes prior to booking an appointment. With this in mind they have been introducing ‘no holds barred’ videos to Youtube in order to educate the client in exactly what takes places in their treatments, from consultation to step by step detailed information on the full procedures. This has resulted in them seeing a substantial amount of business from local, regional and UK clients and also has generated  many international enquiries and clients. To date they have seen clients from as far away as Thailand, Dubai, USA as well as more close to home counties as France and Germany.

Laura Cherrington also says that ‘over the past 3 years since the company started we have always recognised the importance of the internet to generate business for us and on average see at least 2500 visits to our website each week, yet few people understand that after Google, Youtube is the 2nd most visited website in the world, to be No1 in our leading business sector is fantastic news for us. We are very proud of this accolade and are currently in the process of making new videos and wanting to recruit new models for our next Youtube production’.

Having recently re-introduced its franchise business offer Redeem Clinic are hoping to optimise on their current world presence by recruiting new UK franchisee’s and doesn’t rule out the prospects of expanding internationally in the near future also.’


Why our prices are such good value?


Why are our prices are such good value? Well its simple, we believe that if we can offer high end, professional treatments at 50% (on average) lower than our nearest true competitors then our treatment books will be full day in day out. Also the results of full order books means that over the years we have reputedly become the leading semi permanent makeup and tattoo removal business in the region (with our new aesthetics business following up close behind). Also the more clients we see the more referrals we see, allowing us to keep out advertising costs down and pass on the saving to our customers. Some technician will say that if the price is too cheap then the service must be lacking also, yet ask yourselves this, if on average we treat 3-5  times more clients than other high charging clinics then who actually has the more experience? With 1000’s of satisfied customers to date, a glowing list of constant testimonials  (see our testimonial page), FREE consultations (for you to make your own minds up), a 99.5% client satisfaction rate and costs at half the price of our closest true competitor then we’re proud to offer our services at such great value to our customers. Also we don’t change our pricing structure to suit our clinic locations, if you’re in Leeds, Hull, Halifax or Harrogate all our semi permanent makeup and tattoo removal costs are the same.

Summer Holidays 2014

Nicole Scherzinger makeup

Summer Holiday are just around the corner and we thought we should give you notice that we have a weeks shutdown for the business from the 9th Aug 2014 to the 18th Aug 2014. Unfortunately all our clinics shall be closed inc Hull, Halifax, Harrogate and Leeds over this period. We know many of you will still be looking for that perfect semi permanent makeup look to make you holiday go with a breeze (no having to constantly re-apply, no smudge and no runs in the sea or pool) so why not book an appointment before we close down for the week. Our books are pretty full at the moment so you’ll have to be quick. Don’t forget we still have our £189 offer on for all our standard semi permanent makeup treatments all you have to do is go to the following link and obtain a voucher www.redeemclinic.co.uk/voucher.php . If we don’t see you before we hope you have a great holiday !!!!

Laser Tattoo Removal – Bring a Friend – Get one FREE

Buy-1-one- Free-1-logo

Each week we are seeing more and more clients with regards our Laser Tattoo removal services in Hull, so much so that we’re having to think of better ways in which to manage our time. We know that many clients are usually very anxious with regards to having laser tattoo removal and as such often bring a friend along with them for support. Quite often we see these friends return to us a few weeks later for tattoo removal on themselves. So we thought why not try and save time and money by introducing a new offer.

So until the end of June 2014 we are offering ONE FREE laser treatment if a friend attends a FREE consultation visit at the same time as you and is also looking for tattoo removal. The FREE treatment will be offered against the lowest price treatment and is subject to both parties returning on the same time and date for their initial laser tattoo removal treatment.

Sorry we only offer laser tattoo removal at our Hull clinic so this offer is limited to here. Also offer limited to new clients only (both parties).

You’ll need a voucher to claim this offer, simply go to www.redeemclinic.co.uk/voucher.php to claim.

Eyebrows are more important than you may think

Become you again with semi permanent makeup eyebrows

Who’d have thought brows could make such a difference? We do, we see clients week in week out that say we ‘make them feel whole again’. Our semi permanent makeup brow clients range from people with alopecia and no hair at all to those that have simply over plucked and want that perfect natural look back. With our semi permanent makeup brow treatment starting from only £189 then you can achieve that fabulous healthy look without having to constantly worry about re-applying brow makeup time after time. Semi permanent makeup last on average 2-5 years. Come and see us for a FREE consultation at our Hull, Leeds, Harrogate or Halifax clinics and see what we can do for you.

Yorkshires premier Botox & Dermal Fillers Doctor joins Redeem

Not satisfied with just offering the best value, high quality semi permanent makeup in Hull, Leeds, Harrogate and Halifax Redeem Clinic are proud to introduce their brand new Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers service in conjunction with Dr Wendy Hart Aesthetics. Redeem clinics are only one of a handful of clinics  in the whole of the Yorkshire region that offer a full Doctor only Botox and Dermal Fillers service. Dr Wendy Hart has treated 1000’s of satisfied clients over a 23 year career in the medical profession. Not only are Redeem clinic offering the best value for money treatments with our new cosmetic services we are also offering an introductory £45.00 off  Botox voucher (Click here to request voucher) meaning a single area application will cost as little as only £95.00 all inclusive. Currently our Dermal filler and Botox treatments will only be available in our Hull Clinic.

3D permanent makeup in HD style

We only posted out new ‘3D permanent brow makeup in an HD style’ videos on Youtube on the 23rd Sept and we have had over 9,000 views already. A big thank you that have helped us with views of all our permanent makeup videos over the past couple of years. You can see the desk top version of our video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFwtQkPPtpw and the mobile friendly version at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBYHJI1WIbo. This treatment is a 2 sittings process and is great value at only £249

3D Permanent Eyebrow makeup comes to Redeem

Having seen the incredible uptake of our ‘Hair by Hair’ semi permanent makeup eyebrow treatment go from strength to strength and being a business that is always looking to bring our clients the very best the permanent makeup market has to offer we are delighted to inform you that we now also offer the new 3D eyebrow makeup treatments.

3D Permanent makeup treatment give fantastic results on clients that have suffered quite a bit of hair loss to their eyebrow area, be it from over plucking, ageing, alopecia etc. Utilising similar techniques to the ‘Hair by Hair’ treatments the 3D procedure replicates the natural ways the hairs will fall within the eyebrow area whilst where necessary using different pigment tones to give an illusion of depth of field and consequently giving a very natural 3D effect to the eyebrow area.

3D permanent eyebrows give a truly wonderful natural appearance to the brow area. As we have just launched this service we are delighted to commit to our reputation as being the best value clinic in the region for Semi permanent makeup treatment by offering our 3D brows at an incredible £249.00, representing a saving of 50%-65% off our major competitors. As ever this fantastic deal is available at any of our clinic within the Yorkshire Regions, including Leeds, Harrogate, Hull & Halifax.