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Permanent makeup prices - Redeem Clinic regions best value



Our new Scalp micropigmentation service coming soon


scalp micropigmentation .. .


As the Yorkshire regions leading Semi permanent makeup and micropigmentation business we are naturally very proud of the work we carry out in all our clinics in the region (Hull, Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield and Harrogate). Over the past four years we have reputedly treated more clients for our specialist micropigmentation services than any other business in Yorkshire, making us experts in what we do. With this in mind we have decided to bring these skills to the unique market of scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is an incredible service that replicates hair follicle to the head and in doing so is a perfect alternative to hair transplants or hair thinning solutions for both men and women. Incredibly bald heads can be made to look like a full head of hair (shaved) whilst clients with thinning hair can have their thin areas covered in the technique to give truly amazing results of a full head of hair. With this treatment opening soon at our clinic in Hull, Sheffield and Harrogate, we look forward to helping even more clients with their self esteem, confidence and wonderful looks. Our scalp micro pigmentation service will fall under the brand Scalpa UK and Scalp Aesthetics UK.

Incredible ‘Summer only’ permanent makeup deals

Summer 2

Summer is here (come on Sunshine catch up) and its time to be thinking about that perfect Pool, Beach and Holiday look. Semi permanent makeup is the perfect no worry solution to that that ultimate makeup appearance. Semi permanent makeup will never run or smudge whilst you enjoy the sea, pool or health spar. There’s no need to be constantly re-applying your makeup due to the hot weather or nightclubs as our specialist micropigmentation techniques ensure that perfect makeup looks lasts from 2-3 years.  Holiday time is often the time we want to look and feel our best and with 1000’s of satisfied clients to date Redeem Clinic have been helping clients do just, year on year, whether it be semi permanent tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. Redeem clinic don’t only see female clients we also have a strong and growing market in men’s semi permanent tattooed brows. As with women many men have uneven, thinning or hair loss issues with their brows and Redeem clinics hair by hair or 3d semi permanent brow treatment help them towards that confident, natural appearance. Plus we have some incredible deals for spring/summer 2015.

You are still able to get your hands on our incredible deal for our standard brows, lips and eyeliner treatments for only £199 (up to 50% of normal costs) for the next 30 days. The standard semi permanent treatments include Hair by Hair eyebrows, Powdered Eyebrows, Lip liner, Lips blush or eyeliner (not 3d brows we’re afraid).

To obtain these fabulous deals, simply click on the following to grab yourselves a bargain:-

Desktop users ‘£199 semi permanent makeup voucher’

Mobile users ‘£199 semi permanent makeup voucher’

Our semi permanent makeup treatments are available in all our clinics and include this offer. You can find our clinics in  Hull, Sheffield, Leeds, Halifax and Harrogate

Redeem Clinics, Hull – The only clinic in the regions capable of removing ALL pigment colours

Ruby laser 1

Redeem clinic offer both laser tattoo removal and Rejuvi tattoo removal from their clinic in Hull.  Their existing laser equipment removes ‘Blue, Black and Red’ pigments. Many other business advertise that they have lasers that will removal ALL COLOURS within a tattoo yet the reality is this is NOT possible, only Blue, Black, Red and Green pigments as capable of entirely being removed by laser (regardless of laser type). This is why Redeem clinic also offer Rejuvi tattoo removal. Rejuvi is capable of removing all coloured pigments. By combining the two services together Redeem clinic are now reputedly the leading tattoo removal clinic in East Yorkshire.  Their clinic in Hull also has both Male and Female full trained and experienced staff and therefore are very happy to treat any clients who may not be comfortable with an opposite sex technician. With Rejuvi tattoo removal also offer at their Leeds, Halifax and Sheffield clinics Redeem hope to bring their laser services to these sites very soon also. With prices starting from only £15 and FREE consultations then surely Redeem clinic is a number one choice for tattoo removal.


laser tattoo removal

Redeem Clinic now also in SHEFFIELD for Semi Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal


Permanent makeup before after

Redeem Clinic are very proud to announce yet another clinic to add to their portfolio of four existing clinics in the Yorkshire region. With Semi permanent makeup and tattoo removal clinics already in Leeds, Halifax, Hull and Harrogate they thought it time that they extended their expertise and professionalism to South Yorkshire and subsequently they are delighted to advise that they have identified new premises in Sheffield. Initially they shall be providing their full semi permanent makeup service and Rejuvi tattoo removal service to thier new day clinic in Sheffield with their laser tattoo removal to follow shortly after. As an introductory offer Redeem Clinic are offering all clients that book and appointment at their new Sheffield clinic a further £10 discount on all and any of their best value/on offer treatments (Feb/March bookings only). So if your are looking for Semi Permanent Makeup, Tattooed Eyebrows or Tattoo Removal in Sheffield, Chesterfield or Worksop then look forward to seeing you soon. Their new clinic in Sheffield can be found at :-

Redeem Day Clinic, The Allure Clinic, 346 Cemetery Road Sheffield South Yorkshire S11 8FT (See Map) – Private secure parking available to all clients

We Win Customer Service award 2015


We’re very proud to have recently been awarded WhatChinics 2015 award for Customer service. WhatClinic is the leading compare website for clinics in the UK and we’re delighted they and their clients think us worthy of such a prestigious award. Here’s what they said:-

It gives me great pleasure to say that Redeem Skin Care Clinic has been awarded the 2015 Customer Service Award from WhatClinic.com. Only a very small fraction of clinics made the high standards needed to win. We have added the Award banner to your WhatClinic.com brochure listing. Congratulations and well done!

You can be rest assured our customer service quality runs throughout our business and services be it for our semi permanent makeup treatments, Tattoo removal or facial aesthetics. With clinics in Hull, Halifax, Harrogate, Leeds  and now Sheffield you can see for yourself why we won What Clinic Customer service award 2015.


Our Tattoo Removal service – the most comprehensive in the region

tattoo removal hull

Redeem Clinic offer the most comprehensive tattoo removal service in the Yorkshire region. To our knowledge we are the only tattoo removal clinic in the whole region that is capable of removing all forms of coloured tattoos. We do this by combining both our Rejuvi tattoo removal treatments and our laser tattoo removal services. Regardless of what others may say laser is only capable of removing certain colours i.e. Black, Blues, Reds and Greens. Laser may fade other colours yet it will NOT remove any other colour that those stated. We know many clients have a variety of colours within their tattoos and our Rejuvi method is the only non clinical treatment scientifically proven to remove all forms coloured tattoo pigments. Recently Katy Piper’s show Body Shocker seems to have spurred a lot of people on to have their tattoos removed. So if you are inclined to feel the same then don’t forget:

  • Prices start from only £15
  • We can remove all types of coloured tattoos (unlike most others)
  • We use leading edge laser tattoo removal equipment (Hull Only)
  • We offer alternative ‘Rejuvi’ tattoo removal as well as laser (All Clinics, Hull, Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax & Sheffield)
  • Our technicians are trained to the highest standard in the industry
  • We have both male and female tattoo removal technicians (Hull only)
  • We offer a lowest price match service*
  • All Consultations are FREE

Redeem Clinic thrives on its reputation and through this we seek only ever to offer the highest standards of customer care and satisfaction ensuring we take every effort to remove your tattoo as quickly and professionally as possible. Our typical client will see their tattoo removed 20% quicker than industry averages for such treatments.

Click here to contact us

Back by popular demand – Our Fantastic Multi-Deal Offers

permanent makeup deal

You love our Semi Permanent makeup mutli-deals so much we have decided to re-launch our offer for Spring & Summer 2015. We always aim to offer the best value semi permanent makeup treatments in our region and as such have structured our permanent makeup deals as follows:-

Please see below our fantastic deals for semi permanent makeup multi treatments

FREE consultation

2.Top & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £269

2.Lip Liner & Eyebrows semi permanent makeup * – £359

2.Lip blush with lip liner & Eyebrows semi permanent makeup * – £429

2.Eyebrows* & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Eyebrows* & Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Eyebrows* with Bottom &Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £429

2.Bottom Eyeliner with Lip Liner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Top Eyeliner with Lip Liner semi permanent makeup – £359

2.Bottom/Top Eyeliner with Lip Liner semi permanent makeup – £429

2.Bottom/Top Eyeliner with Lip blush and Lip Liner semi permanent makeup –£449

3.Lip Liner & Brows* & Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £459

3.Lip Liner & Brows* & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £459

3.Lip Liner & Brows* with Top & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £529

3.Lip blush with lip liner & Brows* & Top Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £529

3.Lip blush & lip liner& Brows* & Bottom Eyeliner semi permanent makeup – £529

Patch test charged extra at £10

All the above semi permanent makeup treatments are available at any of our clinics within the Yorkshire region, which include Leeds, Harrogate, Hull,  Halifax and Sheffield. To book an appointment for your permanent makeup consultation / treatment then simply call us on 07738 757767 or use the contact page on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why our prices are such good value?


Why are our prices are such good value? Well its simple, we believe that if we can offer high end, professional treatments at 50% (on average) lower than our nearest true competitors then our treatment books will be full day in day out. Also the results of full order books means that over the years we have reputedly become the leading semi permanent makeup and tattoo removal business in the region (with our new aesthetics business following up close behind). Also the more clients we see the more referrals we see, allowing us to keep out advertising costs down and pass on the saving to our customers. Some technician will say that if the price is too cheap then the service must be lacking also, yet ask yourselves this, if on average we treat 3-5  times more clients than other high charging clinics then who actually has the more experience? With 1000’s of satisfied customers to date, a glowing list of constant testimonials  (see our testimonial page), FREE consultations (for you to make your own minds up), a 99.5% client satisfaction rate and costs at half the price of our closest true competitor then we’re proud to offer our services at such great value to our customers. Also we don’t change our pricing structure to suit our clinic locations, if you’re in Leeds, Hull, Halifax, Harrogate or Sheffield all our semi permanent makeup and tattoo removal costs are the same.

Yorkshires premier Botox & Dermal Fillers Doctor joins Redeem

Not satisfied with just offering the best value, high quality semi permanent makeup in Hull, Leeds, Harrogate and Halifax Redeem Clinic are proud to introduce their brand new Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers service in conjunction with Dr Wendy Hart Aesthetics. Redeem clinics are only one of a handful of clinics  in the whole of the Yorkshire region that offer a full Doctor only Botox and Dermal Fillers service. Dr Wendy Hart has treated 1000’s of satisfied clients over a 23 year career in the medical profession. Not only are Redeem clinic offering the best value for money treatments with our new cosmetic services we are also offering an introductory £45.00 off  Botox voucher (Click here to request voucher) meaning a single area application will cost as little as only £95.00 all inclusive. Currently our Dermal filler and Botox treatments will only be available in our Hull Clinic. Dr Hart will also be opening her services within Leeds very soon.

3D permanent makeup in HD style


Our ‘3D permanent brow makeup in an HD style’ video on Youtube is the number ONE video in the WORLD for semi permanent makeup. With over 2.5 million views of our video we recognise that the shape the client chose for her eyebrows may not have been to everybody’s taste yet we know how many people love the effect achieved via our 3d brow semi permanent makeup treatment. A big thank you that have helped us with views of all our permanent makeup videos over the past couple of years. You can see the desk top version of our video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFwtQkPPtpw and the mobile friendly version at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBYHJI1WIbo. This treatment is a 2 sittings process and is great value due to our special offer currently running at only £259. Our 3d eyebrows treatment is available at any of of Yorkshire clinics, Hull, Sheffield, Halifax, Leeds or Harrogate