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Redeem is the first and only non laser tattoo removal and combined semi permanent makeup clinic in Hull and East Yorkshire. Laura Cherrington, the founder of the business and leading technician, gained her qualification with Dermace, one of the UK's leading dermatology businesses and training centres. Having historically worked in the education sector, teaching and training students, Laura found herself one day watching a news program on television in which one of the countries leading practitioners was explaining his work in tattoo removal and cosmetic enhancements. These techniques utilised non-surgical and non-laser treatments. The gentleman on the television explained how over the course of several years he had managed to successfully assist thousands of people with this relatively unknown, yet proven, procedure of Rejuvi tattoo removal and cosmetic treatment. He had also established the countries first charity, giving some needy individuals the opportunity of completely free treatments. Laura's caring and helpful demeanour quickly saw an affinity with the nature of this work and having contacted the gentleman in question he soon agreed to mentor her and Redeem was born.

Treatment Specialising in both Semi permanent makeup and Rejuvi tattoo removal, Redeem now has a new clinic in Hull and plans other clinics throughout the region. Whichever venue the client chooses to visit, they can expect to receive the very best standard of care, service and expertise. All treatments are tailored to suit each individual client's needs and history. Fully qualified technicians will skilfully ensure that their clients receive the very best possible results from each and every treatment given.

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