Pigmentation removal and re-work

So as a clinic that specialises in everything micropigmentation as well as pigmentation removal we cover several fields from microblading, semi permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, tricopigmentation, laser pigmentation removal and tattoo removal. The pigmentation removal part of our business is growing month in month out as we see clients wanting the removal of their poor eyebrow microblading and scalp micropigmentation treatments etc.

Having been entrenched in this field for the last 8 years, we are constantly seeing technicians who have only been carrying out treatments themselves for 1-2years turn to training other with their inexperienced techniques and methods. This is exasperating the situation in relation to poor results and the requirement for pigmentation removal. In additional as microblading and semi permanent makeup are now seen as a mainstream makeup technique they are becoming caught up in the field of fashion. Although traditional brow pencil, eyeliner and lipsticks can be easily wiped away, micropigmentation makeup isn’t so easy yet we see clients year in year our having laser pigmentation removal for last seasons look.

alopecia cover up

The good news is that as well as having highly experienced technicians capable of removing poor microblading and scalp micropigmentation results Redeem Clinic also have technicians with years and years experience in micropigmentation treatments so once the poor results have been removed by us we can then give the client the micropigmentation treatment results they were originally looking for (microblading, semi permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation etc).

remorking microblading

Our reputation in the pigmentation removal field grows everyday even to the extent that we have actually been contacted today by a client in Switzerland who is looking to travel to us for his scalp micropigmentation treatment.

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