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There are a number of Age spot removal techniques available in the market today with some having higher degrees of success than others. Within Redeem Clinic we solely concentrate on techniques that are tested and proven to work to the highest degrees of satisfaction. With the latter in mind our chosen method for Age spot removal is laser, utilising both ND Yag and Ruby lasers.

Having specialised in laser pigment removal for many years now we have a very high success rate in relation to all forms of pigment removal including, tattoos, semi-permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation and of course Age Spots.

liver spot removal*see footnote

Age spots, sometimes referred to as liver spot/ brown spots/sun spot are generally a result of over exposure to UV light and more commonly appear as we reach the senior years of our lives. This said however in the advent of the sun bed we see more and more young people developing age spots as well. Age spots are most commonly understood to be an over production of Melanin in the lower epidermis layer of the skin as a result of the over exposure to sunlight and UV rays.

As Age Spots are seen as an over exposure to Sunlight we tend to see that the majority of people looking for Age spot removal are requiring removal to the face, hand and arms as these are the areas of our body we will more often than not leave exposed to the elements on a regular basis. However those that sun bath regularly or use sun beds regularly we see age spots appearing in nearly every area around the body.

Age spot laser removal*see footnote

How do lasers removal sun spots? Sun spot removal using lasers is very similar to the ways in which laser will removal pigments such as tattoo’s etc. The laser targets the pigment within the sunspot and shatters it into micro-particles. Once turned into micro-particles the body’s immune system does the rest. The immune systems white cells see the micro-particles as alien bodies and consequently pick them up utilising your blood stream and over a period of time remove the pigment from the treated area and effectively the waste product is urinated away.

As well as using the immune system to remove the micro-particles the body will also over time exfoliate some of the micro-particles. When the laser shatters the larger sun pot particles some particles are inevitably pushed towards the surface of the epidermis layer of the skin. As the epidermis layer of our skin constantly exfoliates and rejuvenates itself on a daily basis then in turn some of the created micro-particles exfoliate also. The is why using lasers for sun spot removal is so effective as removal takes place with use of the immune system as well as exfoliation.

Age spot removal*see footnote

At Redeem clinic we utilise two form of laser in relation to our age spot removal treatments. We use both ND Yag within the 532nm wavelength and Ruby laser within the 694nm wavelength; both of these wave lengths are perfect for targeting the majority of age spot pigments. Although Ruby laser can be the most effective laser for removing age spots it can often not be perfect for those with darker skin tones and in these instances we would recommend the client to utilise the more subtle ND yag lasers. Via a test called a Fitzpatrick test we determine the client levels of melanin within the skin to ensure the correct laser is used for each different skin type and client. Although in the rare instance it may be possible to remove an age spot in only one treatment usually total removal can require several treatments.

Age spot removal costs start from as little as £25 – £70 per treatment subject to circumstances.

Laser is a very safe form of removing age spots and within our clinical standard practices we ensure our clients health and welfare are always put at the forefront of any procedures we carry out. We also carryout a medical questionnaire with all our clients as well as offer FREE consultations so that any concerns or questions can be answered.

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