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£50 Microblading discount voucher

£50 off microblading discount voucher

£50 off, Microblading discount voucher for any of our facial micropigmentation treatments prior to Xmas 2019.

Having specialised in semi permanent makeup and microblading since 2011, Redeem clinic have treated 1000’s of satisfied clients to date. Our Xmas 2019, £50 off microblading discount voucher is available during the months of November and December and available exclusively via our online application form available here

Our microblading discount voucher covers all our procedures including semi permanent makeup and microblading treatments. Our standard, already great value, treatment costs are listed below:-

  • Semi permanent makeup * patch test £10-£15
  • Powder Eyebrows £299.00
  • Hair by Hair Eyebrows £259.00
  • 3D Eyebrows £299
  • Microblading £299
  • Lip Liner £259.00
  • Lip blush with liner £299.00
  • Upper Eyeliner £259.00
  • Lower Eyeliner £259.00
  • Upper & Lower Eyeliner combined £299.00

The £50 off microblading discount voucher therefore entitles you, for example, to our ultra realistic 3D semi permanent makeup treatment for only £249.00

Here at Redeem Clinic we are only too aware that since we started within the industry of micropigmentation over eight years ago (when there was only 3 technicians in our region) the market sector has now become flooded with competition. This inevitably means many of the beauty sector technicians struggling for clients or newly trained technicians offer very enticing, very low treatment costs indeed. Consequently in today’s market you’ll almost guaranteed to find costs in excess of half that of the average price within the industry.

At Redeem clinic we’re not about cheap treatment costs simply to gain clientele, we’re about true value for money treatments. Treatments that have ensured our reputation, generate wonderful reviews, have maintained a strong a loyal customer base since 2011 and first and foremost give the long lasting, natural and beautiful micropigmentation results the client is wanting.

We hope our £50 off microblading discount voucher helps you on your journey to the ‘new you’ and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Microblading only website for Redeem Clinic

microblading eyebrows hull

Microblading eyebrows, eyebrow tattoo and semi permanent makeup treatments is where Redeem clinic originated its business.

When we established the business in 2011 no one had heard the phrase Microblading eyebrows and the industry was known predominately as semi permanent makeup. Sometimes where brows were concerned they were also know as an eyebrow tattoo.

Over the years Redeem clinic have established themselves as experts within the field of microblading and semi permanent makeup. They were the first group of clinic in the region to offer both disciplines of micropigmentation. Also Redeem were the first business to bring 3D microblading eyebrows to the Yorkshire region.

Laura Cherrington, the founder of the Redeem Clinic business, thought it would be good to celebrate the above fact via a new dedicated website for everything Microblading. The site includes both semi permanent makeup for brows, lips and eyeliner as well more permanent makeup options. You can see the new site here at

What’s more for all new customers that come to us via our new website we’ll be offering an introductory £50.00 discount voucher. This voucher can be used against any of our already fantastic value for money microblading eyebrow, eyebrow tattoo or semi permanent makeup lip treatments. You’ll find these costs here, simply deduct £50 to work out the final cost of your treatment.

In order to claim your discount you’ll have to use the contact form on the new site. Simply phone us or email from the contact page quoting reference REDEEMINK and we’ll send you a £50 off voucher by email.

Obviously such a discount on what are already incredibly great value for money services can’t last long. We don’t want those currently on their summer holidays to miss out so those wanting to take advantage of the offer have  July and August 2019 to claim.

£50 off voucher sample

Picosecond Laser to add to our already extensive tattoo removal services


picosecond laser

Not being content to be reputedly the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinic within the Yorkshire region Redeem clinic has decided to go one step further in an attempt to become the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinic in the country by adding Picosecond laser technology. With their tattoo removal services already including Rejuvi tattoo removal, Ruby laser tattoo removal and ND yag laser tattoo removal Redeem clinic are also adding Picosecond laser tattoo removal services to their line up. Picosecond laser tattoo removal machines are at the cutting edge of laser removal equipment, picosecond lasers are designed to shatter tattoo pigments more quickly and more effectively than standard ND yag lasers. Redeem’s new Pico laser will also benefit from being able to target more ink colours than our traditional ND yag laser and will include, Blacks, Reds, Blues, Greens, Browns (and combinations thereof ). The Picosecond laser used by Redeem Clinic is also portable, so we are now able to carry out Laser tattoo removal in Leeds (coming Jan 2018) as well as our Hull clinic (currently available). As ever all our consultations are free. (more…)

New Award for our Leeds Clinic

Top Beauty & Skin Care in Calverley Leeds
Redeem Clinic is ranked as a top Beauty & Skin Care in Calverley Leeds
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We’re proud as punch to have received yet another award. This time for our clinic at Leeds. Yocale business have given us the above fantastic award in recognition for the Scalp Micropigmentation, Tricopigmentation and Permanent makeup treatments carried out at our Calverley Site.

Looking for a trusted supplier, then it seems you may have found one 🙂

We now carry out both Trico & SMP Hair at all our Yorkshire Clinics

scalp micropigmentation leeds*

Being one of only a handful of businesses in the UK and Yorkshire region to offer Tricopigmentation* services for clients with Alopecia and Hair loss problems, Redeem clinic are now also one of  a very few clinic in the whole of the UK to offer both Tricopigmentation* and Scalp Micropigmentation ( SMP Hair ) as well as SMP laser removal services. With the skills learnt and practiced in relation to our Trico services it was only always a small step to advancing these skills sets into SMP Hair, however we felt it crucial that we took time to hone these skills and fully understand the varying requirements from our customers before venturing into the permanent world of scalp micropigmentation. Needless to say with 18 months of Trico under our belts we felt we had met our own critical criteria, add to this further SMP Hair specific training in Knightsbridge we were delighted to find that with exception to the pigments and hand pieces used our skill sets perfectly matched those of SMP and the results matched the exceptional standards we had been achieving for some time via our Trico treatments. Accordingly Scalp micropigmentation as well as Tricopigmentation* can now be found at our Leeds, Hull, Halifax, Sheffield and Harrogate clinics and the best thing of all we can truly offer all our clients an unbiased view on either treatment. No pressure sales trying to sell one service over the other, just simple factual advise on the benefits of both treatments which allow the customers to make up their own minds. As ever our consultations are completely FREE and we offer some of the best value for money treatment throughout the whole of the UK.

*Results may vary from person to person

Tattooed eyebrows offers – 2017

semi permanent makeup discount voucher 2017

Winter is once again upon us, bringing the inevitable wind, rain and cold, with wind and rain obviously not being the best for our every day beauty routines. The good news is spring is just around the corner. Redeem clinic want to help put a spring in your step with their new ‘ Tattooed eyebrows offers’  that give you that confidence that you’ll never have to be constantly looking in that mirror to readjust your makeup, worry about poorly shaped brows or brow pencil that runs and smudges. With our tattooed eyebrow offers you’ll have makeup that lasts 2-5 years. So you’ll never have to worry about leaving the brow pencil at home for a long time to come.

Having treated 1000’s of satisfied clients to date Redeem clinic tattooed eyebrows offers come with a reputation of being the most value for money treatments within our region. Of course there are always technicians out there that will want to win business by offering cheaper prices yet more often there’s always a story behind an offer that is too good to be true (newly trained technicians looking for work, substandard technicians trying to survive etc etc)? Here at Redeem Clinic we run promotions several times a year as a way of rewarding our loyal customers and on occasion attracting new ones, our current winter/spring offer is no different. Where normally our prices are in excess of £300 per treatment our current tattooed eyebrows offers semi permanent makeup brow * treatments at an  incredible price of only £249.00. (some people call semi permanent makeup brow * treatment tattooed eyebrows but please be rest assured all our treatments are not permanent tattoos yet semi permanent*).  To claim this semi permanent makeup offer you will need to claim your voucher as below:-

CLAIM VOUCHER HERE TO OBTAIN ‘Tattooed Eyebrows offer’ AT £249


If your unsure about not receiving the best treatment the industry has to offer simply because our prices don’t reflect this then simply take time to read our review page, see some of our before and after photos (we match your face not a template) or come a see us for a No Obligation FREE Consultation at any of our clinics in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Halifax or Harrogate.

*Results may vary from person to person

So what’s so good about Ruby laser tattoo removal *?

ruby laser tattoo removal*

We’ve all heard of Laser tattoo removal * yet many don’t understand the variant between the different types of laser and what they do? The very vast majority of laser tattoo removal machines in the country are ND yag Q Switch lasers and since the deregulation of the laser removal industry in 2010 many cheap ND yag lasers have entered the market and this is why there is a proliferation of people being able to offer the service. Don’t get us wrong ND Yag lasers are very capable of removing many types of tattoo’s and we in fact have used one very successfully for many years, however ND Yag lasers will only remove Blue, Black and Red pigments and as often in life price seems generally to be linked with capability and this especially the case in the world of lasers. Ruby lasers on average cost at least ten times that of the ND yag laser. Why?. Well for one Ruby lasers can also remove Green pigments where ND yag lasers can’t. A very high proportion of us have green pigment in our tattoos and if we pursue tattoo removal solely using ND Yag laser then we are left with the green pigment still showing in our skin. Also Ruby lasers on average can work at a higher power setting than ND Yag lasers meaning they can penetrate further down into the skin allowing them to remove all the layers of ink ensuring tattoo removal where possible. Finally due to the higher power setting Ruby lasers tend to out perform ND yag lasers with regards to how many treatments are required. National average to remove a tattoo with ND Yag laser are 11 sessions, yet with Ruby laser it is 7-8 sessions. The good news is Redeem clinic utilise both ND Yag and Ruby laser tattoo removal. Add this to their Rejuvi non laser tattoo removal service and they are now the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinics in Hull and the Yorkshire region.

For a limited time only we are offering 10% off our Ruby treatment sessions (new clients only). In order to receive your 10% off voucher you can clinic the link below to claim the voucher.

10% off Ruby laser tattoo removal with Redeem Clinic (Voucher)

Although we only offer our Ruby laser tattoo removal services via our Hull clinic, these lasers are so far and few between we see many of our clients travelling from our other clinics in Harrogate, Sheffield, Leeds and Halifax to take up this unique service. Still not sure and want to know more, we offer FREE consultations and should you wish to book then simply use our contact page or call Laura/Mike direct on 07738 757767.

*Results may vary from person to person

Ruby laser tattoo removal Hull Redeem Clinic

Tattoo removal three options*

Redeem Clinic in Hull are proud to announce the introduction this September (2016) of a new stand alone ruby laser tattoo removal * machine which makes them one of the most comprehensive tattoo removal * clinic in Hull and the East Yorkshire Region . The Ruby laser tattoo removal * machine is added to their existing ND Yag and Rejuvi tattoo removal * services and ensures they are still the number one of the leading clinics in our region for tattoo removal.

With our Ruby laser tattoo removal * service added to our existing services Redeem clinic are one of the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinic in our region and are capable of removing all coloured tattoos including Yellow.

Ruby laser technology uses the 694nm waves lengths that are perfect for removing Green and Blue pigments. Green tattoo pigment can not be removed with the typical ND Yag lasers found in 95% of clinics and it requires a specialised Ruby or Alexandrite laser to remove this pigment.

Why not come for a FREE CONSULTATION , simply see our contacts page and fill out your details and we’ll be delighted to assist.

Are you one of the 50%? This great article by the Daily mail tells us why most want their tattoos removed 

*Results may vary from person to person

Tricopigmentation a true alternative to the Hair Transplants

Is there an alternative to traditional Hair transplants?

At Redeem Clinic we have spent years seeing clients with incredibly low moral and self confidence visiting our clinics in an attempt to rectify the matter. Our personal worries and view of ourselves sometimes differ greatly to what people see. At Redeem clinic our services are all about giving clients their confidence back. Confidence that ensures their makeup looks perfect day in day out , confidence that see’s that mistake of a tattoo at 18 years old removed, confidence that our wrinkles aren’t so noticeable and confidence that our hair line is not aging or thinning too fast.

We know that loosing your hair can be devastating for many people especially those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. We know that many fear the costs and medical procedures necessary in relation to Hair transplants and few believe in the wonder drugs/shampoo’s which promise to restore a full head of hair and never do. Based with this knowledge Redeem clinic searched for an alternative to the traditional hair transplants and one system that would truly give their clients their confidence back. Having seen videos of jubilant clients that had been through hair replication procedures with scalp micropigmentation Redeem clinic wanted to ensure that they enhanced this client satisfaction and confidence experience and subsequently introduced the cutting edge treatment in Scalp micropigmentation / Hair transplants which is Tricopigmentation*. Only a handful of clinic in the UK offer these exceptional standard of treatment and added to their award winning services Redeem Clinic are happy to see Hair loss clients gain their confidence back for a lifetime to come.

For a short period only Redeem Clinic are giving a further 10% off their already industry beating prices in relation to their Tricopigmentation* services. Simply send us your details

Send details (here)

and quote reference Trico070816 and we’ll send you a voucher. Don’t forget also all our consultation are always FREE. You learn what the procedure incurs, meet the technicians, see our professional/clinical environments and gain the faith in our service that allows you to gain your confidence back.

Tricopigmentation* a true alterntative to the traditional Hair Transplants.

*Results may vary from person to person



Our new Scalp micropigmentation Leeds service coming soon


As one of the Yorkshire regions leading Semi permanent makeup * and micropigmentation business we are naturally very proud of the work we carry out in all our clinics in the region (Hull, Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield and Harrogate). Over the past four years we have reputedly treated more clients for our specialist micropigmentation services than any other business in Yorkshire, making us experts in what we do. With this in mind we have decided to bring these skills to the unique market of scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation / Tricopigmentation  is an incredible service that replicates hair follicle to the head and in doing so is a perfect alternative to hair transplants or hair thinning solutions for both men and women. Incredibly bald heads can be made to look like a full head of hair (shaved) whilst clients with thinning hair can have their thin areas covered in the technique to give truly amazing results of a full head of hair. With this treatment opening soon at our clinic in Hull, Sheffield and Harrogate, we look forward to helping even more clients with their self esteem, confidence and wonderful looks. Our scalp micropigmentation leeds clinic will be one of the 1st clinics in our region to offer both Scalp micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation * services. Feb 2016

*Results may vary from person to person

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