Semi Permanent Makeup – Before & After

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To be honest we haven’t been great with posting all our before and after photos for our semi permanent makeup treatments. Laura although a true artist in respect all things semi permanent makeup, eyebrows, eyeliners and lips she professes not to be the best photographer but with the aid of new photo apps she is starting to get there, so please bear with us. Please note having treated 1000’s of clients to date Laura is highly experience in the world of micropigmentation which should not be confused with micro blading. Although both promise the same results Laura has chosen not move into the trend of micro blading as she believes semi permanent makeup micropigmentation to be a superior, long term proven, treatment utilising proven methods.

As can be seen, particularly with the eyebrow tattooing before and after photos, colour and shapes change to suit the clients desires, their natural hair colour and their face symmetry. All clients differ and this is why you will never find a model ‘of one fits all’ at Redeem Clinics, we work with you to give you ‘YOUR’ perfect semi permanent makeup.

Please find below various clients before and after photos in relation to all our semi permanent treatments, be they Brows, Lips or liner.

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permanent makeup before and after
3D brows before and afteralopecia eyebrow losssemi permanent makeup browsalopecia eyebrows before & aftersemi permanent makeup photosspmu before and afterthin brows before and afterAsian brows before and afterspmu before & afterbefore and after permanent eyelinermicro pigmentation brows before & afterbefore and after lip linereyebrow tattooing costsAsian browsbest semi permanent makeup artisteyebrow tattooing before and afterbrows semi permanent makeupeyebrow tattooing before & aftereyebrows semi permanent makeupeyebrow tattooing.eyebrow tattooing photoshair by hair brows before and afterhair by hair browspermanent brow makeuphd brows before and aftermicropigmentation eyebrowsblonde hair permanent makeuphair by hair eyebrowsover plucking before and aftermicropigmentation browsprice for semi permanent makeupsemi permanent lip makeuppermanent makeup browssemi permanent makeup before & aftersemi permanent makeup for meneyebrow liftsemi permanent makeup pricestattooed eyebrows before and aftermale browsalopecia brows

thicker eyebrows

new brows

how eyebrow tattooing

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We have tried to show a broad range of photos yet obviously we haven’t shown all of our client semi permanent makeup before and after photos here however if you are looking for a particular look or style we may have some archive photos which we would be happy to send you. Please simply send us an email through our contacts page with details of what you are looking for and hopefully we can help. Below is a list of various types of before and after photographs we have on file or alternatively you can also arrange via our contacts page a FREE consultation so we can talk through the procedure with you and identify you exact requirements (please remember we ALWAYS draw on your makeup prior to the procedure taking place to ensure you are ultimately happy with the shape and style prior to commencing).

  • Semi permanent makeup eyebrow powder effect before and after
  • Semi permanent makeup eyebrow hair by hair effect before & after
  • Semi permanent makeup 3D eyebrow effect before and after
  • Semi permanent makeup lip liner effect before and after
  • Semi permanent makeup lip before and after
  • Semi permanent makeup top eyeliner effect before and after
  • Semi permanent makeup bottom eyeliner effect before and after
  • Semi permanent makeup top and bottom eyeliner effect before & after

Please remember that although terms such as permanent makeup, micro blading, eyebrow tattooing, tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner tattoo, tattooed eyeliner, lip tattoo or lip liner tattoo are often used in relation to semi permanent makeup these are in most cases permanent procedures which we do not recommend. Permanent tattoos over time will nearly always blur or incur a bleed effect. Also as we age our skins elasticity changes meaning that over time what were once great brows often end up drooping, lowering position on our face etc. Semi permanent makeup lasts 2-5 years and therefore is always adaptable, working with you current features to give you truly wonderful makeup results each and every time.

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