Laser Tattoo Removal – Before & After


Redeem Clinic


This page is currently under construction please return shortly to see all our laser tattoo removal results including before and after photographs. Our intention is not only to show you final laser tattoo removal * results pictures, yet to show you some of the photos throughout the course of the treatment. You can they see how various tattoos react to the treatments and how many treatments are needed to reach various stages. Obviously various factors contribute to the number of treatments needed and whilst some may see remove in a little a 4 treatment some may need several more.

Please be mindful that laser can not remove all colours with in a tattoo our tattoo removal results vary accordingly. Laser only removes Black, Blue, Green and Red * and although other colours made be faded by a laser they will ultimately not be removed in their entirety.


Laser tattoo removal before and after. Beautiful young woman with tattoo on her back*

*Results may vary from person to person

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