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One of the only clinics in the regions capable of removing ALL pigment colours


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Redeem clinic offer both laser tattoo removal and Rejuvi tattoo removal * from their clinic in Hull.  Their existing laser equipment is capable of removing ‘Blue, Black, Green and Red’ pigments. Many other business advertise that they have lasers that will removal ALL COLOURS within a tattoo yet the reality is this is scientifically sustained, only Blue, Black, Red and Green pigments (or a combination of these pigments) are capable of entirely/partially being removed by laser (regardless of laser type). This is why Redeem clinic also offer Rejuvi tattoo removal. Rejuvi is capable of removing all coloured pigments. By combining the two services together Redeem clinic are now reputedly one of the leading tattoo removal clinic in East Yorkshire.  Their clinic in Hull also has both Male and Female full trained and experienced staff and therefore are very happy to treat any clients who may not be comfortable with an opposite sex technician. With Rejuvi tattoo removal also offer at their Leeds, Halifax and Sheffield clinics Redeem hope to bring their laser services to these sites very soon also (plus Laser tattoo removal York). With prices starting from only £15 and FREE consultations then surely Redeem clinic is a number one choice for tattoo removal.

laser tattoo removal*

*Results may vary from person to person