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Scalp micropigmentation removal – alteration

Scalp Micropigmentation Removal – The Key Reason for consideration Scalp micropigmentation removal, a phrase no one who as been through a SMP procedure ever expects to ‘Google’. Regrettably however Scalp micropigmentation removal is starting to become more and more prevalent within the SMP markets as the sector starts to see huge growth in the number […]

Pigmentation removal and re-work

So as a clinic that specialises in everything micropigmentation as well as pigmentation removal we cover several fields from microblading, semi permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, tricopigmentation, laser pigmentation removal and tattoo removal. The pigmentation removal part of our business is growing month in month out as we see clients wanting the removal of their poor […]

The importance of not using brow templates.

The importance of not using brow templates with microblading and semi permanent makeup? As makeup trends come and go, one trend that seems here to stay is microblading and semi permanent makeup. The problem here is that we all know trends don’t just refer to application techniques but also refer to design and look. Great […]

Microblading Hull £50 off, inc Leeds, Halifax Clinics

Photo by Philip Veater on Unsplash Our Microblading Hull offer also extends to our other clinic in Leeds, Halifax, Harrogate and Sheffield also. As one of the longest established micropigmentation businesses in Hull, Laura has treated 1000’s of satisfied clients to date and is truly an expert in her field of practice. Unlike others that charge high fee’s […]

Microblading versus Semi Permanent makeup

Within the UK Microblading has taken the semi permanent * brow market by storm over the past couple of years. The main reason for this seems to be the low entry cost for the technicians to enter the industry in return for promises of high income opportunities. Although microblading has been around for a very […]

3D Scalp micropigmentation

We’ve all seen some great scalp micropigmentation pictures and results, yet in reality in the cold light of day these treatments when captured at an awkward angle can sometime look flat or washed out. This is where 3D scalp micropigmentation comes into play, utilising differently toned pigments and different needle sizes the hair follicles can […]

Is Scalp Tattooing Haram and consequently is Scalp-Micro pigmentation Haram?

So is scalp tattooing Haram? As we know Scalp-micropigmentation (Scalp Tattooing) is a form of tattooing the scalp with pigment to permanently represent hair follicles to the scalp. As with traditional tattooing the pigments used within scalp-micropigmentation are inserted into the dermis layer of the skin using needles/tattoo guns. The pigments used are of a size that […]

Tricopigmentation versus Scalp Micropigmentation the facts

Tricopigmentation* versus Scalp Micopigmentation the FACTS as we see them It’s true ‘life changing’ benefits can be found in both Tricopigmentation* treatments as well as traditional scalp micropigmentation yet as both industries expand many businesses are choosing to put their hard sell before the facts or allowing their clients an informed decision. In the world of […]

The full ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of Scalp micropigmentation laser removal

Having posted a couple of replies on the Scalp Guru website recently in relation to somebodies concerns regarding understanding the whole ins and outs of scalp micropigmentation laser removal * Here at Redeem Clinic we were carrying out laser tattoo remove* years before we expand our client services into scalp Tricopigmentation* and SMP services and not […]

Laser SMP removal for Black and Asian skin types?

Should I have scalp laser tattoo removal if I have black or Asian Skin? If you have been doing your research in relation to scalp micropigmentation (SMP), Scalp tattooing and Tricopigmentation* then you have possibly seen treatment being carried out on both black and dark Asian skin types. All these three forms of treatment can […]

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