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Immediate Care – Laser Tattoo removal *

Immediately after the tattoo removal * treatment the skin will appear white but this should subside within a few minutes (can take up to 40 mins).  Afterwards a feeling similar to light sunburn can often be felt accompanied by reddening of the skin. This feeling normally disappears within a few hours although some redness may persist for up to 48 hours, also some blistering, swelling and bruising can also occur. When the treatment takes place on thin skin areas or on very faded tattoos then there occasionally can be some superficial bleeding that takes place. Our trained laser technicians will instruct you on specific, detailed aftercare procedures after every treatment to ensure quick and efficient recovery. Visual healing of the skin should be complete on average within 4 weeks.

A soothing cream such as Aloe Vera vitamin enriched cream can be applied to the treatment area to help reduce any irritation encountered.

Aftercare Instructions

1. Make sure the treatment tattoo removal * area is kept clean and dry during the healing process. Prevent getting the area wet for the 1st 48hrs if at all possible. When you clean the area use a gentle antibacterial soap and warm water before lightly patting the area completely dry with a cotton ball. You may apply an antibiotic ointment in small quantities to the treatment area up to three times a day before covering with a sterile dressing. The sterile dressing must be changed every day so that you can check the treatment area. Repeat this process for up to 3 days to ensure the area is protected after the treatment.

2. Due to the tattoo removal * you may encounter blistering and bruising on the treated area around 8 hours after the procedure is completed. This is a perfectly normal part of the skins healing process and should not alarm you. Blisters indicate that the body’s immune system is working properly and is beginning to remove the ink from your skin. They usually last around 1-2 weeks. In the event of one popping simply apply antibiotic ointment over the area for at least 24 hours to aid in the skins recovery.

3. A cool compress may be applied to the treatment area for 48 hours after the surgery. This can ease any discomfort and/or swelling (if using ice packs always ensure a clean material barrier is placed between any plastic packaging and the skin to prevent ice burn). Paracetamol may be taken to help reduce any further discomfort however avoid aspirin as this can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.

4. If a scab forms over the treatment area you must not at all pick it or allow it to be scraped. Damaging the scab interferes with the natural healing process of the skin and can lead to unwanted scarring of the tissue beneath. Allow the scab to peel off naturally, over time this may take up to 14 days.

5. Showering may be safe 2 hours after the tattoo removal * treatment, yet we recommend leaving for at least 48hours to allow the area to heal first. You must however take care not to hit the treatment area directly with a pressurized showerhead as this can irritate the skin. Soaking the area is not recommend until the scabbing and blistering has subsided as this may cause infection, therefore, baths, hot tubs, saunas and swimming pools should be avoided at all costs.

6. Taking part in exercise is generally safe as long as the previous instructions stated above are followed especially taking care not to knock the area during competitive sports, whilst preventing sweat from entering the treated area also.

7. It is important not to expose the treatment area to intense sunlight for 2 months after the treatment. The skin can sensitive during the healing process and should be fully protected if not covered by clothing. A sun block lotion of an SPF rating of 50 or higher should be applied. This also means sun beds are ill advised during this 2-month period.

8. It is not uncommon to experience itching around the treatment area due to the dehydrating manner of the laser energy. You must not itch the area as this may result in damage of the skin and lead to scarring. A hydrating cream or lotion should be applied to help re-moisturize the area and ease discomfort as needed (after 48 hrs of treatment).

9. If the tattoo removal * treatment area starts oozing a cream/honey coloured liquid or redness starts to spread then the area may have become infected. An antiseptic cream should be applied gently around the area to counteract the infection. If you are unsure always consult with your doctor, they may recommend you take antibiotics to assist with pacifying the infection.

Your ability to follow the instructions you are given for your Redeem aftercare is important to remove your tattoo and leave your skin clear and unblemished.

*Results may vary from person to person

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