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Redeem Clinic are proud to be the leading Semi permanent makeup * / Microblading clinic for the Yorkshire Region. As well as clients from Yorkshire travelling to their clinics in Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield, Halifax and Hull they also have clients coming to them from all over the country and even have some clients that fly in from abroad to make us of their exacting standard / unique services in micropigmentation and semi permanent makeup treatments.

Traditional cosmetics can be very costly and more than often only last for a very short time. Semi permanent makeup */ micropigmentation / Microblading provide a way to save time and helps those gain the perfect appearance they desire. With services such as semi permanent brows *(eyebrow tattooing / Microblading ), semi permanent eyeliner * and semi permanent lip makeup *, there’s no need to spend time and money on makeup routines that only provide temporary results as semi-permanent makeups last up to 2-5 years.

How can Semi Permanent Makeup with Redeem Clinic help you?

Perfect solution for those with Alopecia & Hair loss

No more running or smudged makeup

Frames and improves the face shape

Saves money in the long run

Perfect Makeup every day

Can ‘knock years off you’

100% Waterproof

Lasts 2-5 years

Saves time

Face - Before & After* See our Before and Afters Pages Here

Semi permanent makeup * – Eyebrows

As we know the eyebrow is the most prominent feature of your face giving expression, warmth and depth. Countless models and celebrities show us that perfectly defined eyebrows give the complexion a groomed, fresh and youthful appearance. Eyebrows give shape and definition to your face and well constructed semi permanent makeup brows can often have that illusion of the much desired face lift and younger features.

As times goes by most eyebrows will become patchy and thin due, over plucking, to ill health or simply deteriorate with age. Some people have naturally sparse brows, whilst others may suffer from total loss due to alopecia or cancer treatments be they men or women.With semi permanent make up and eyebrow tattooing services Redeem can create the appearance of natural brows, hair by hair. 3D Re-shaping results are incredibly realistic and natural looking and the results for those clients who have lost their brows, for whatever reason can be simply overwhelming. As ever with semi permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing you are guaranteed that your makeup with never run or smudge, leaving you with perfect brows day in day out, be it at work, at the Gym, in the pool or out in the evening. *
Eyebrows - Before & After

Semi permanent makeup * – Lips

As with your eyes, your lips are another very prominent feature your face. We haven’t all been blessed with naturally full, luscious lips yet thankfully there is now the option of restoring and boosting our youthful pout with Semi Permanent makeup lip treatments. Lips can be made fuller and given more outline definition to create a shape to restructure or give you that look you have always been looking for.

Semi permanent makeup lip treatments can correct any shape or symmetry concerns a client may have as well as plumping the lip area. Imperfections or scarring can easily be corrected with this fabulous semi permanent tattooing / micropigmentation lip treatment. Clients can either choose an outline that can be easily applied to give great shape that can later then be infilled with the clients lip stick colour choices at home. Alternatively the treatment can be applied more boldly for a more glamorous, overall look. Gentle shading can be introduced also to the inner lips to give the illusion of a strong plumped look without the need for fillers or invasive surgery.So there is no need to always have that lipstick at hand, with semi permanent lip tattooing your lipstick will never need to be constantly re-applied, however should you desire that different look from time to time then normal lipstick can easily be applied over the tattooed lip area.                  *
Lips - Before & After

Semi permanent makeup * – Eyeliner

Many people often find eyeliner makeup tricky to apply, application can become very frustrating particularly when it does not last the day. With semi permanent makeup eyeliner treatments at Redeem clients can enjoy perfectly applied eyeliner that lasts all day and all night!

Semi permanent eyeliner, not only opens, brightens and widens the eye area, it also give the illusion of voluminous and thick lashes, reducing the need for eyelash extensions and is perfect for all.

Eyes - Before & After
Redeem clinic precisely apply the clients eyeliner using their micropigmentation technique to match the clients colour of choice as well as making it as subtle or striking as the client want. Permanent eyeliner makeup does not smudge or smear and stays perfect no matter what life throws at you. With semi permanent eyeliner many clients have concerns with regards to safety and pain. As experts in their field and having treated 1000’s of clients to date you can be rest assured that since starting their practice in 2011 Redeem Clinic technicians have never incurred one single problem in relation to safety to the eye area when treating clients with semi permanent eyeliner. Also as with all their treatments Redeem Clinic technicians use specialist anaesthetics that ensure the very vast majority of their clients feel nothing at all and for the odd one or too clients that do then they have described this as mild discomfort and never painful*


Redeem Clinic are very proud of their glowing client testimonials and our clients continue month in month out to praise us with regards to our semi permanent makeup * treatments. See for yourself via our testimonials page on this site. You can also see a few of the many before and after semi permanent makeup treatments on our before and after page, or why not simply book in for a FREE consultation by clicking and following the link button below.

Redeem Clinic expertly perform semi permanent makeup, tattooed eyebrows, tattooed eyeliner, tattooed lips and micro-pigmentation at all of their clinics in Hull, Leeds, Harrogate, Sheffield and Halifax.

*Results may vary from person to person

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