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We know that many of you may have apprehensions when undertaking such ‘life enhancing’ procedures such as semi permanent makeup, tattoo removal, scalp micropigmentation and sometimes ask the question ‘do you really get what you pay for? With this in mind Redeem constantly ask their clients to give their honest opinions or reviews on the services they received, good or bad! We love to receive your microblading reviews , tattoo removal reviews and scalp micropigmentation reviews. Below are some the responses Redeem have received on an on going basis:-

Carol, Feb 20, Hull (Microblading), Direct Review 

I definitely think you give a 5 star treatment , I am very happy with my treatment, I will be returning in the future x

Judith, Jan 20, Hull (Microblading), Direct Review

Yes (Laura is) brilliant, very happy, a very lovely lady makes u feel very comfortable. I found it outstanding

Ben, Jan 20, Hull (Tattoo Removal), Google Review 5*****

I visited the Redeem clinic in Hull in a bit of a desperate state. I’d previously had laser treatment for removal of a chest tattoo. It had gone very wrong. Laser too strong and inexperienced staff. My tattoo was scared and extremely raised/lumpy, almost like braille. They put my mind at ease with a detailed and honest consultation. Three laser treatments later and my tattoo has gone. With no scaring or after treatment pain. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Evlyn, Nov 19, Leeds (scalp micropigmentation), Google Review 5*****

Spent ages looking for someone to carry out scalp micropigmentation on me for my thinning hair. I’d seen some real horror stories so not sure if I should go ahead or not. I noted Redeem did a semi permanent treatment as well as a permanent one so thought the semi permanent was my best choice. When I went to see them Laura was excellent and showed me all the different treatments she had done, I was so confident I went for the permanent option. The results are fabulous, they really have changed the way I look, very, very pleased 

Aliyah, Nov 19, Halifax (Microblading), Google Review 5*****

I have been going here now for a few years she an amazing lady i wouldn’t go anywhere else

Kelly, Oct 19, Hull (Tattoo Removal), Google Review 5*****

Thanks Redeem Clinic. After living with my awful barbed wire tattoo for years I’m now tattoo free after only 8 sessions. Great place, if you want your tattoo removing there’s no better I feel. 

MsFizbo, Oct 19, Halifax (Microblading), Google Review 5*****

After an in depth consultation and skin test my mum went ahead with having her eye brows with micro blaring. She is extremely happy with the shape and colour Great plus side No pain. Thanks Laura would highly recommend. *****

Maria, Oct 19, Hull (Microblading), Google review 5*****

Had a bad brow experience elsewhere, went to Redeem and Mike removed them using their laser and Laura re-did them with semi permanent makeup. I now love my brows. These guys are fab *****

Eileen, Oct 2019, Sheffield (Microblading), Google Review 5*****

Went to this clinic oct/Nov 2018 to have my eyebrows microbladed, Laura who did them is lovely. She advised me of colour for my skin type really pleased with them . Went back in January of this year for my top up again pleased with results. Just been back for another top clinic really clean and laura really professional. I would highly recommend this clinic and laura . So if you thinking about this procedure this is the one 

Marcus, Sept 2019, Sheffield (Scalp Micropigmentation), Google review 5*****

Laura is a true professional, takes her time and does amazing work. She’s a perfectionist. I highly recommend her *****

Serena, April 2019, Hull (Tattoo removal), Google review 5*****

Five stars*****

Sally, March 2019, Leeds (Scalp micropigmentation), Google review 5*****

I had thinning hair on the crown on my head, after a little research I found Redeem Clinic.I chose them because they were near MoreIy. I had thinning hair on the crown on my head, after a little research I found Redeem Clinic.I chose them because they seem to be one of the longest. Anyway,really please with the results.I had SMP densification on my crown and you can no longer see my thin patches.Delighted.Thanks Laura x

Erin, March 2019, Halifax (Microblading), Google review 5*****

I don’t usually bother with reviews as rarely do I feel inclined to give them. However having just had microblading to my brows with Laura at her clinic in Sheffield I felt I just had to let people know how happy I am and how wonderful the results are. I’ve never really had good brows since being a teenager and always get the shape and colour wrong.Laura was excellent at suggesting a good shape for me and now I have perfect, very realistic brows and I feel like a new person. I highly recommend anyone to Laura.

Billy, March 2019, Hull (Scalp micropigmentation), Google review 5*****

Just had another topup with Laura, back to looking my new self all over again.Thanks

Ernest, March 2019, Sheffield (Scalp micropigmentation), Google review 5*****

I first went to see Laura 3 years ago for Tricopigmentation,I was so pleased with the results I stepped it up a gear and have just had a full scalp micropigmentation treatment with her. Awesome lady,awesome results. Just don’t tell my friends

Pamela, March 2019, Hull (Semi permanent makeup) Google review 5*****

Thanks Laura for my amazing brows. Never felt so happy with the shape and you really can’t tell they’re not mine.

Lyn, February 2019, Halifax (Microblading), Google review 5*****

Laura did my eyebrows last year and they are still perfect she takes her time with shape .colour and comfort everyone loves my brows definatley 5 star

Angela, Feb 2019, Hull, (Microblading), Google review 5*****

Five stars. Can’t tell you how happy I am with my Microbladed brows by Laura. Truly wonderful. Laura’s knowledge, experience and kind nature put me at ease from the off. Highly recommended

Alison, Nov 18, Hull (Microblading), Direct review

I have recently had my eyebrows done at Redeem in Hull and the process was fab. Laura was clear about everything, left nothing out and was professional, friendly and very welcoming, completely put me at ease.

When I actually had the treatment, she again went through the stages and was very particular about them being exactly as I wanted them and she wasn’t going to finish until I was entirely happy. I have 3 weeks to wait to see what happens but so far everything is exactly as she described.

Can’t thank or recommend Redeem highly enough

Carolyn, April 2018, Hull (Microblading), WhatClinic review

I have alopecia and needed some eyebrows, Laura was great at explaining the treatment. But not pushy. She was fantastic, put you at ease and gave you choices.

Daniel, February 2018, Hull (Tattoo Removal), Google review 5*****

1st came to Redeem 1.5 years ago for tattoo removal. 8 sessions later its now gone as promised. Loved the way they kept the journey real with great aftercare advise. Very easy to recommend these guys.


Pamela, February 2018, Hull (SPMU), Google review 5*****

Thanks Laura for my amazing brows. Never felt so happy with the shape and you really can’t tell they’re not mine.

Jenny, January 2018, Leeds (SMP & Tattoo Removal), Google review 5*****

Found Redeem on my phone as I was looking for somewhere that knew about SMP and could remove it also. Not many around so had to travel but worth the trip. Made the mistake of going to a tattooist for my SMP 6 months ago, all blurred and now blue. 3 treatments with Mike at Redeem and nearly all gone. They offered their SMP treatment once finished and I can see they know what they’re doing but given my nightmare from elsewhere I’m not sure yet but VERY happy for the laser tattoo removal.

Lynn, January 2018, Hull (SPMU), Google review 5***** 

Laura did my eyebrows last year and they are still perfect she takes her time with shape .colour and comfort everyone loves my brows deffinatley 5 star

Sally, December 2017, Hull (Tattoo Removal), Google review 5*****

Been going to Redeem clinic for a year now to have a tat on my arm removed. Great place and they know their stuff. Due to my skin type I was happy they had various options for me to choose from otherwise I may have been stuck and not have been able to have removal. Anyway just had my 6th treatment and can hardly see anything left, hopefully that’s it. Highly recommended

Clara, December 2017, Hull (Tattoo Removal), Google review 5*****

Had to travel,yet was happy that as well as offering removal the company also could offer re-application of my SMP once complete. Had 2 laser sessions with them already and very pleased with the results, nearly gone and advised 2 more to go. Can’t wait to then have a professional (not blue) SMP densification re-applied by these guys after also.

Ellen, November 2017, Leeds (SPMU), Google review 5*****

Been going to Laura in Calverley for 5 years now, had one eyeliner treatment and 3 brow treatments. Her work is fantastic and she always makes you welcome . Highly professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her

Sandy, November 2018, Hull (Tattoo Removal), Google review 5*****

I only recently moved to the area and wanted someone to remove a teenage tattoo mistake from years ago. Searched and spoke to quite a few clinics before I spoke to Mike at Redeem Clinic. Very impressed by his professionalism the fact that they seemed to have more laser removal options than others I had talked too and in the way they handle my appointment, text message confirms etc. Had the consultation which was great and just waiting on my 1st treatment session, can’t wait to see my horrible tattoo gone.

Gabrielly, November 2017, Leeds (Tattoo Removal), Google review 5*****

Highly professional clinic that knows its stuff. Spent 40mins at the consultation stage with me alone and talked through the options I had to choose from, leaving me in no doubt I wanted them to remove my tattoo. Only just had my 1st laser removal with the new Pico laser but can see the fading already in both my black and green ink. Fiver stars from me so far. (Gabrielly travelled to our Hull Clinic from Leeds)

Poppy, November 2017, Hull (Tattoo Removal), Google review 5*****

Had an old tattoo which had been removed elsewhere with laser but I’ve been stuck with the green part for years. Read about Ruby laser and found Redeem on the net. Ended up only having 4 sessions with them and my tattoo has finally gone after all these years. Great service

Wanda, October 2017, Leeds (SPMU), Google review 5*****

Wow, just wow, my brows are amazing. Over plucked to the extent that there was almost nothing there. Had 3D brows with Redeem and I can truly say you can hardly tell they’re not mine. These guys are brill and truly know what they’re doing, highly recommended

Amy, July 2017, Sheffield (SPMU)
I came to Redeem with almost no eyebrows due to over-plucking. I was excited about the prospect of not having to draw my eyebrows on every morning. However I was apprehensive about semi-permanent makeup as I was worried I wouldn’t be happy with the results and was mildly worried about the pain! On the day of the procedure Laura put me at ease immediately and it was soon clear that I needn’t have been nervous ot worried at all. I was instantly  happy with the results (although I was told to expect to expect the eyebrows to scab and fade a little). I was lucky with the healing process as it took less than two weeks for the healing process to complete. I was left with Great results – subtle and natural eyebrows that enhance the look of my face. Now, I can go swimming or to the gym without having to worry about my eyebrows!. I spend less time applying makeup in the morning and feel more confident about wearing less makeup and going for the natural look. I would 100% recommend anybody considering this treatment to go for it – I am very glad I did!
 Muhammed, May 2017, Hull (SPMU), Google review 5*****
I was referred to Redeem clinic by a friend for semi permanent makeup. I saw her brows and couldn’t believe they were tattooed and not her own. A little apprehensive at first but Laura was great and I ended up choosing 3D brows. They’ve changed my life, from no brows to wow brows as they say. I can’t stop looking in the mirror, they look soooo realistic. If your looking for semi permanent makeup then I highly recommend Laura and Redeem Clinic
 Ana, April 2017, Hull (SPMU), Google review 5*****
Went here because I couldn’t find anyone else locally that could remove all the colours in my tattoo (black, green and red). Highly delighted with the results and service. It took just over a year of treatments but the tattoo has now gone, can’t see a thing. Very professional clinic and would completely recommend.

Assim, March 2017, Leeds (Tricopigmentation)

Came to Redeem for their Tricopigmentation treatment as I had seen their article on ‘Is scalp micropigmentation Haram?’. I’d been looking for a solution to my baldness for many years but my faith prevented me from any long term permanent solutions like hair transplant and tattoos. I was very intrigued to find out that Tricopigmentation wasn’t permanent and as such would be allowed under my faith. I just completed my 3rd sitting with Laura and can’t believe how realistic it looks. I already had a shaved head and had my crown, top of head and forehead filled in with Trico and honestly as hard as I look I can’t see a difference. Super happy and feeling 21 again (I wish). Great job, highly recommended *****

Becky, February 2017, Leeds (SPMU)

Can you lend me a mirror? I’ve worn mine out looking at my new brows, lol. Love them, thank you soooo much. I’m going to tell everyone about you xx. (text received from a client)

Jacqui, January 2017, Halifax (SPMU)

I’ve never had a tattoo in my life and was very worried about having semi permanent makeup brows. When I visit Laura she explained that although similar to tattoos the ink is not permanent, she explained everything at length and put me completely at ease, so much so that I agree to proceed there and then at the consultation. Two week later I went and had the treatment with Laura in Halifax. Wow, I couldn’t believe how realistic my new brows looked. I had the 3D brows and you see each and every hair. People keep asking me what I’ve done as they can see some things different but can’t quite put their finger on it, I’m keeping them guessing for now 🙂 Best thing I’ve ever done, love them and Laura for doing them x.

Peter, December 2016, Hull (Tattoo Removal)

I’ve been having laser tattoo removal with Mike at Redeem for several months now and 4 laser sessions in all. All the lettering has gone and only a little bit of coloured ink left in the bulldog. Hoping all will be gone in a couple more sessions. No issue with the treatment at all, no scars, no blisters etc. Will be glad to see if finally gone. Great clinic highly recommended.

Mike, November 2016, Hull (Tricopigmentation)

Had my 1st Tricopigmentation scalp densification session with you in Hull last week and just wanted you to know how amazed I have been with the results. I hadn’t realised just how thin my hair at the front had become until I recently shaved it and it added 10 years to me. Following my 1st treatment with you I couldn’t believe how thick my hair looked again and loads of people have commented how good it looks (plus I’d have said it took 20 years off me, lol). Really looking forward to my 2nd and 3rd treatments to finish it off and thank you for being so kind and understanding. You’re worth every penny :-).

Sue, October 2016, Hull (SPMU)

Had mine done here (semi permanent makeup brows) in January, BEST thing I have spent my money on. Going back next year to get them darkened.

Rose, October 2016, Leeds (SPMU)

Talking to a lady last night whilst watching body fixers. She said she’d never have eyebrow tattoo’s as they look so false. She was astounded to find out mine were – saying they always looked gorgeous and she’d always admired the shape. I duly sang your praises.

Karen, September 2016, Hull (SPMU)

Just wanted to let you know I’m really happy pleased with the results with my new eyebrows. Two weeks on they have peeled now and look very natural. Thank you once again for your patience and I will not hesitate to have them topped up at a later stage if I need to. Everyone likes them, thank you.

Vina, September 2016, Leeds (SPMU)

I love love love my new semi permanent makeup eyebrows! Absolutely over the moon with the results! Laura is extremely professional and caring, listened and understood exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend this clinic.

Nicole, August 2016, Hull (SPMU)

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for making such an amazing job on my eyebrows, I’m over the moon with them, really, really love them. Everyone has been commenting on them and can’t sing your praises highly enough. Make such a difference to my face and hubby is glad I don’t take so long getting ready now. The process wasn’t painful at all and you made me feel so at ease. I absolutely love them, thanks again XXXX

Chris, July 2016, Hull (SPMU)

Just wanted to thank you for today, I’ve wanted this procedure done for a while and I’m so pleased that I found you to do it on me… LOVE my new look … thank you again

Elizabeth, June 2016, Leeds (SPMU)

Hi, I just felt for all those out there that have been looking at semi permanent makeup reviews and technicians I should let you know that having been to several over the years I came to redeem clinic this June as my last technician gave up her business. How delighted I was therefore to find that redeem and particularly Laura did such a wonderful job on both my brows and eyeliner. The least pain (none) and best results I’ve ever had. Would totally recommend and look forward to coming back for years to come.

Michelle, May 2016, Hull (SPMU)

Just like to thank you and Laura for making me feel at ease whilst having my eyebrows tattooed, I am really pleased with them. I would highly recommend Laura as she has done a brilliant job. Once again thank you I feel a different women x.

Jane, April 2016, Halifax (SPMU)

Hello,  Just to let you know I think my brows are wonderful. I have had so many lovely comments and everyone has asked where I had them done. The shape is fantastic. Thank you.

C.Rowley, March 2016, Hull (SPMU)

Hair by hair semi permanent brows. I am totally amazed by the difference this technique has made. My eyebrows look fantastic. Wonderful lady and clinic. Felt at ease from the moment I had my consultation. Very professional, but friendly and always giving the best advice that suits your needs. Thank You for making a difference to my self-esteem

Maria, Feb 2016, Hull – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Having over plucked my eyebrows for many years I had to start drawing them in.  Over time this became such a bind, especially due to the good old ageing process and my eye sight not being as good as it was.  After researching I discovered Redeem Clinic.  I called Laura and explained my predicament and she invited me in for a free consultation.  She is absolutely lovely and talked me through the procedure, answering any questions that I had.  Within the week I had lovely new eyebrows and also the confidence knowing that there was going to be no more smudging or un-even brows.  The only regret I have, is that I never had my eyebrows tattooed on a lot sooner.  I have had numerous compliments with a lot of friends saying they will probably enquire about having the procedure done themselves.  

Thank you so so much Laura, you are so brilliant at what you do, and I will have no hesitation in recommending Redeem to people.

Cheryl, Feb 2016, Hull (SPMU)

So very pleased with my eyebrows. I’ve had lots of lovely compliments and have recommended Laura to everyone as she is so professional and friendly.

Rachel, Jan 2016, Leeds – Semi permanent makeup reviews

 I visited Laura at the Calverley clinic in January and was initially very apprehensive about the treatment. Laura was very calming throughout and whilst the procedure is painful it is not completely unbearable. The pain quickly subsided from the treatment and the swelling and redness disappeared within 30 minutes. They were tender for a couple of days after but again nothing unbearable. I had very un-even eyebrows due to over plucking and this really knocked my confidence. I now have some lovely shaped eyebrows which look perfectly formed when I get up in a morning. It takes less time to apply my make-up which is always a bonus. I am now looking forward to a touch up to get the overall finished effect but would definitely recommend to anyone. The voucher offer also makes Laura very competitive in the market place. My partner didn’t even realised I had had them done which shows how natural they are.

Doreen, Dec 2015, Hull (SPMU)

First time at the Redeem Clinic, Laura was excellent. My eyebrows look wonderful. I look forward to going back again and again when I need further treatments.

Sharron, Nov 15, Hull (SPMU)

Hi Laura, just a quick text to say thank you for my lovely eyebrows, I’ve had lots of nice compliments.

Toni, Sept 2015, Hull (Tattoo Removal)

Would definitely recommend the tattoo laser removal from Redeem, I’ve had 5 sessions and my tattoo is almost gone. The laser treatment isn’t painful at all, and I have not suffered any blistering either. Laura & Mike are both very friendly and well educated in their profession and make you feel at complete ease and confident in what you’re having done Xx

Linda, Aug 2015, Hull (SPMU)

Chuffed to bits!!, Thank you Laura I LOVE em….. (Text from Linda who had Hair by Hair semi permanent makeup brows with Redeem).

Steve, Aug 2015, Hull (SPMU)

I was told when I started with my laser tattoo removal it may take 8-9 treatments so I was amazed when it was gone in only five goes. A great job by great people, highly recommended 🙂

Nic, July 2015, Immingham – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Thank you so much, I cried on the way back home lol, you’re lovely and your work is amazing x nic xx

Tami, June 15, Leeds (SPMU)

Laura, just got home and I have to say I love my new brows, they look fantastic. Thank you so much. See you very soon!

Maxine, April 15, Hull (SPMU)

I am a nurse from Hull. If you are thinking about semi permanent eyebrows and worried about the outcome, then from my experience book today. I first had them done with Redeem Clinic in 2011 and never looked back, so pleased, look so natural, framed my face, instant face lift as I’m in my 50’s. I have just have them re-done but more fuller, so pleased. Laura is so friendly and professional, I trust her 100%. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura. I look and feel a million dollars, thanks.

Marilyn, March 15, Leeds

Just had to let you know that I LOVE my eyebrows. Thank you ever so much, I have had so many nice comments.

Dianne, Feb 15, Leeds – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I first approached Redeem in 2014, six months after completing cancer treatment which resulted in losing my hair, including my eyebrows.  I was really disappointed with the lack of natural regrowth, so decided that semi-permanent makeup would be a  really good solution.  After contacting Laura and having an initial consultation, I was impressed with the professionalism of the service offered, as well as the caring and understanding approach taken by Laura.  I was really pleased that Laura would also be able to remove my radiotherapy tattoos at no additional cost.We decided on the shape that would best suit my face and given the fact I’d been without eyebrows for some time, I took Laura’s sound advice and opted for a fine line.  The actual procedure was straight-forward.  Laura is very reassuring and whilst there is some discomfort, it’s no more than like when you’re having your brows plucked or threaded. I’ve had my semi-permanent eyebrows for about a year, and I love the results it gives.  I’ve just returned to have them made a little fuller now I (and everyone else around me) have got used to having eyebrows again.  It’s great to look in the mirror and see a face I recognise.  It’s given me a real confidence boost. To be able to see yourself as you want to look should not be underestimated. The procedure may be considered as cosmetic, but along with my surgical reconstruction, its be a key part of my emotional recovery from cancer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending semi-permanent makeup from Redeem.  Thank you Laura for all your help and support in helping me get back to me again!

Whatclinic, January 2015, Nation Wide

It gives me great pleasure to say that Redeem Clinic has been awarded the 2015 Customer Service Award from WhatClinic.com. Only a very small fraction of clinics made the high standards needed to win. We have added the award banner to Whatclinic.com brochure listing. Congratulations and well done!


Elizabeth,  December 14, York

After saying how delighted I was with my treatment Laura asked me to give a review, so here it is. I was pointed in Laura’s and Redeem Clinic direction by a friend who has recently had semi permanent makeup to her brows with them (by the way they look great). I suffer from alopecia and have been drawing on eyebrows with pencils for years and to be honest they never looked that great. Anyway I met with Laura and she spent a long time talking through my options and what I was looking for. We both agreed 3D brows would be best for me. Well I just had my finishing treatment last week and I can’t believe the difference, I could hug her. With my wig you can’t tell at all that my brows aren’t real, I love them. Would I recommend Laura and her business Redeem clinic, yes a thousand percent, worth every penny. Thank you.

Susan, Oct 14, Leeds

I was not looking forward to having my semi permanent eyeliner done as I was very nervous about how much it would hurt. I had a consultation and was put at ease knowing how many people they had treated and decided to go for it. I needn’t have worried, although there was a little discomfort the technician constantly applied anaesthetic through the procedure and it felt like light scratching, not painful at all and my eyeliner looks fab. Going back soon to have my brows done, can’t wait.

Marie, Sept 14, Burnley

Had a fabulous experience with Redeem Clinic, Laura did my hair by hair brows. Previously I had little brows left due to over plucking over the years, now I have wonderful full brows again that have taken years off me. Love them, thank you so much, will definitely be back  X

Laura, Aug 14, Harrogate

Wow, I love my semi permanent eyeliner, thank you so much Redeem Clinic. No more faffing in the mirror, smudging or worrying about panda eyes. Loved the fact that I could hardly feel anything thanks to the anaesthetic you used. Would totally recommend this treatment and Redeem. Thanks again

Linsay, July 14, West Yorkshire – Semi permanent makeup reviews

“I am a qualified Nurse myself, so really looked around to find the correct clinic for my needs. I attended the Redeem Clinic Leeds, and saw Laura, she was wonderful, reassuring and perfectly professional. I have had this treatment performed in Cambridge previously, which was twice the price, and not as effective as Redeem! I am extremely happy with my results (I had semi-permanent eyebrows) and will definitely be back…..”

Danielle, June 14, Hull

I was a bit nervous about having my eyebrows done with semi permanent make up, I knew I wanted them done but I was nervous as I know how wrong they can look if not done by a professional. I finally decided to go ahead after doing my own research and came across redeem clinic. When I met Laura she was extremely professional and more importantly extremely honest.  she advised me what the procedure involved, what to expect and in her professional opinion which method was most suitable for me. On the day of the appointment I was greeted and made to feel extremely comfortable, Laura again explained the procedure and she discussed how she would go about achieving the look I desired. The procedure was painless, a small tickle and once I saw the results I was over the moon! I went back 4 weeks later for my final touch up and my eyebrows are perfect, the shape and colour are so natural yet I don’t need to use any brow makeup! I’m so pleased with them that I’m having my eyeliner done after my holiday

Julie, June 14, Hull – Semi permanent makeup reviews

It was great to meet you too, you create a friendly, relaxed and personal atmosphere and experience. I am delighted with the results of my semi permanent treatment and could never envisage me going back to my old eyebrow appearance. I now feel confident enough not having to constantly wear makeup and feel my eyebrows have given me back a natural look and have given my features more definition. With our busy lifestyles today, without needing to always check my appearance and apply make up, I really can just “get up and go!”. Although this was paid for as a gift from my mother, I certainly feel this was good value for money and will definitely be visiting you again in the future for top ups! Thank you. It really has been a pleasure meeting you

Chris, May 14, Harrogate

Many, Many Thanks indeed for giving me eyebrows that are just what I imagined they’d be. THEY ARE PERFECT!!

Hiyam, May 14, USA

I currently do electrolysis in the USA. I have been purely obsessed with your permanent makeup work (on Youtube). I would love the opportunity to learn how to do your way of permanent makeup. Do you teach this to people? Do you possibly have a course to learn from? I am willing to fly out there (from USA) to learn from you. Please let me know as soon as you could. Thank you so much

Kirsty, April 14, Leeds

I had my eyebrows done by you a few weeks ago at the Leeds clinic, I’m just texting to let you know I’m really happy with them. You did an amazing job, they look so natural and the colour is a perfect match for my hair. There are no patches or hair missing so I won’t need a top up but I’m going to come back at the end of the year to keep on top of them. Thank you so much they are the best treatment I have ever had done and you now have a customer for life :). Many Thanks

Keren, Feb 14, France

I am from france i am a permanent make-up artist and I am seen one of your videos on YouTube which I found fantastic!!!! Your technique is just brilliant!!! I find you very Zen in your movements and very relaxed.

Steph, Jan 14, Huddersfield

I just wanted to say I’m sooooo very happy with my brows, I can’t stop smiling now. Thank you so much x

Jacqui, Dec 13, Hull

I would highly recommend semi-permanent make up with Laura at the redeem clinic. The whole experience from the initial consultation, the actual treatment and after care was exceptional. Laura is a highly skilled professional consultant, explaining everything very thoroughly and is a highly competent practitioner. As a theatre sister with 30 years experience, I was very impressed, and delighted with the results!

Tracey, Nov 13, Leeds

Laura at redeem is not only one of the nicest people I have ever met in this industry but is also very professional I would recommend her 1000% in fact I already did and she is now booked to tattoo my friends eyebrows I’m very happy with the service I received… Worth every penny

Pat, Oct 2013, Leeds – Semi permanent makeup reviews

May I add to your already glowing testimonials, and say how pleased I am with my eyebrows.  Your professional and friendly approach immediately put me at ease.   My eyebrows had already been treated elsewhere, but were badly in need of renewing,  I had been putting this off because I did not wish to return to the previous salon.  Your offer tempted me, and there I was!    A brilliant job, lovely eyebrows, and sensible prices.

Stacey, Oct 2013, Hull – Semi permanent makeup reviews

With regards to my 3D semi permanent eyebrows I am more than happy with the results. The procedure was smooth and I felt at ease all the way through. I was constantly asked if I felt OK. The procedure was more or less painless!

I was given excellent aftercare advise and Laura was always at the other end of the phone if I ever needed reassurance. All in all I am very pleased I chose Redeem to get my semi permanent eyebrows. The clinic was very clean and Laura, and her husband, were very lovely people! I will definately recommend to my friends and family. Thank you!

Joanne, Sept 2013, Heywood

Hi Laura, my Mum wants to say a BIG THANK YOU. She loves her brows xxxx

Linda, Aug 2013, Harrogate

I just had my eyebrow’s done and they are fab. My friends Colleen & Julie think so too and are going to look into having the procedure also. My dad even likes them lol. Laura who cover’s Harrogate and Leeds was brilliant.

Donna, July 2013, Rochdale

Just had my first compliment on my new eyebrows from a River Island shop assistant x! Thank you x! Love them.

Carol-Jane, July 2013, Beverley

I recently had my eyeliner done by Laura at their Hull branch.  I simply cannot sing Laura’s praises highly enough.  I am possibly the biggest wimp on the planet (I asked for an epidural when I was five month pregnant -you get the gist?) and I was really worried that it would be really painful and I would run out half way through…but much like Laura promised it was irritating, not painful.  In fact I didn’t even use my cold eye compresses that evening after the treatment as they weren’t bothering me at all.

Laura did a beautiful job and for the first time in my life I have gone an entire week without make-up and my eyes looked made up with zero effort from me.  I even went to the opening of an art exhibit and friends could not believe I was not wearing make-up!  I am truly delighted with the results. I wake up in the morning and I feel attractive and that is a first for me. I just wish I had done this years ago.

Hannah, June 2013, Leeds

Hi Laura, been meaning to text sooner… just wanted to say thank you, my eyebrows look great! Took a day to adjust, but they’re perfect and you’ve done a great job. Very pleased with them. Many Thanks

Pamela, May 2013, Doncaster

I had my eyebrows tattooed in April 13.  I am very pleased with the results.  It was so nice the way you greet your clientele and you made me feel very relaxed and valued as a customer. I would definitely recommend you and I think your prices are very reasonable and worth every penny.  I will definitely be back again in the future.

Bolette, May 2013, Bardsey (Leeds)

I will with joy comment my new tattooed eyebrows. I really really love them! They have the right shape and colour. I am very happy for them. And the service was SUPER

Anne, May 2013, Bradford

Hope you are well. My eyebrows are still looking good a year on. Best decision I have ever made. Take care

Charlene, April 2013, Wales

My experience with Redeem was fantastic on both occasions. Friendly, polite and you were able to answer all my questions as well as make me feel totally at ease, making the decision process easy. Totally great value for money and well worth every penny. Would and have recommended Redeem to all my friends, and I would still travel 5 hours to use your trusted services again. Thank you very much

Daisey, March 2013, Horthforth

Hi there, My Brows are looking amaaaaaazing. So happy 🙂 x Really good value for money… I absolutely love my new brows and get hundreds of compliments on them so have been spreading the word about your company!!

Tracy, February 2013, Leeds

Just wanted to text and say I love my eyebrows – they’re perfect!!. I will definately get them done by you again and am also fancying having top liner done when there is another offer. I have recommended you to lots of people so hope you get some business from them. Thx once again and I’m sure I will definately see you again soon.

Carina, Whitby, January 2013 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Thank you so much for the procedures I had on Thursday 24th January 2013.  I now have eyebrows again! And in the best shape they have ever been.  I am so happy with my eyebrows and lower liner.  I would highly recommend you to anybody and would like to assure people that the procedures I had did not hurt a bit, but if you are nervous the wonderful Laura will put you completely at ease and talk you through everything she is doing so you always know what to expect.  My sister is so jealous and is planning on having her eyebrows done as soon as possible.  Thank you again to Laura for your professionalism and care during my procedures.  Everything is fine. No pain still and I am following the aftercare instructions you told me and gave to me.  I have never looked in a mirror so much in my life!  Laura did an amazing job. Thank you, from a very satisfied client.

Zhora, Leeds, January 2013

Thank you for today. I am so happy. Your professionalism made the whole process so easy. Thank you soooo much. I feel I have my life back!

Penny, Harrogate, November 2012

Very happy with my new eyebrows!  A friendly and honest consultation followed
by excellent results. Went back for a second treatment with no qualms &
looking even better now. Definitely recommend and great value for money

Marie, Halifax, October 2012

Hi, You did my eyebrows on Monday 1st Oct at 4pm. Just to let you know you did a fantastic job and I love them, people have took your number as they are so impressed with them. Thank you so much, I am over the moon.

Cecylia, Bradford, September 2012

My compliments are to Laura on doing a wonderful job on my eyebrows, they look so natural – I have had endless compliments. After reading up on semi permanent make up, I found laura (RedeemClinic) on the internet. I decided to go ahead after my initial consultation to have my eye brows tattoed. Over the years I have been tweezer happy, thinking they would grow back…..Open-mouth smile

My appointment was on schedule, and like any tattoo it hurt a little (pinched), but nothing too unbearable even though local anaesthetic was used. The whole procress went pretty quick, Laura did a wonderful job and my eye brows look amazing. Throughout Laura made me feel comfortabe and @ ease with her warm and friendly personality. In my opinion, Laura comes highly recommended.

Thank You Laura and Redeem Clinic for providing this service and  I will definitely use you again in the future

Rachel, Leeds, September 2012

Had my eyebrows done just over a week ago and I love them! They’re perfect, great value for money and Laura the lady that did them was lovely!

Couldn’t be happier 🙂 x

Kim, Halifax, August 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Hello, I had my eyebrows, upper and lower eye liner and lip liner and blush done recently by Laura.I can’t praise Laura enough, she puts you at ease and explains the processes carefully and clearly and she even text me to see how I was after the procedures. I am pleased with the results so far, although they are still not fully healed as it was only just over a week ago, so some of the pigment on my lips still has to come through. I have had compliments already too! I can recommend redeem to anyone thinking about semi permanent make up!  A happy customer

Dianne, Bradford, July 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Just like to say how pleased I am with my Semi permanent eyebrows  the whole experience from start to finish was very professional.  You really put me at ease Laura, it was worth every penny. Thanks once again

Carries, Barnsley, June 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I have no problem whatsoever in taking time out to tell you what a wonderful job Redeem Clinic did on my eyebrows. From arriving at the salon in Leeds you made me feel comfortable and at ease. The consultation was excellent and very thorough and you also gave me your advice on what you thought would suit me.Throughout the treatment you were very professional and caring and when you had finished the result was amazing. I am already recommending you to my friends and family as I just think you are so wonderful at your job.

Colleen, Halifax, May 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I’d just like to say my experience with yourself at Redeem Clinic was brilliant. I felt totally at ease as soon as I arrived. You explained everything so clearly and your advice on colour & shape was really helpful. My eyeliner treatment has now settled down nicely and I’m really pleased with the result. Family & friends have said how amazing it looks. I will be in touch in the future. Thanks again

Anne, Bradford, May 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Just wanted to give you an update on my amazing brows. Its been 4 weeks now and I love them, all my friends are impressed too. I thought I would spend less time in the mirror but I can’t stop looking at them, Ha Ha. Thanks

Christine, Harrogate, May 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

A big thank you to Laura for my new eyebrows, I had lost mine over the last few months and was very self conscious, I was very apprehensive but Laura put me at ease and talked me through the procedure, it wasn’t totally painless but well worth the end result.  Thank you Laura I will be I touch when they need re-doing and will definitely recommend Redeem to anyone that wants semi permanent make up.

Karen, Whitby, April 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I have to say a huge thank you to Laura for her professionalism and judgement and putting one very nervous customer at ease. I was so apprehensive about having my eyebrows done but It’s now five weeks on and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the results, the time it saves me getting ready every day and I can finally take my daughter swimming and feel confident about it. If your hesitant about having any work done please can I suggest you just call Laura for a chat.  I would and have recommended this to my friends and I will definitely be back for a touch up – thanks Laura.

Lilly, Hull, March 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I love my eyebrows each time I get them done! I find Laura lovely and very professional and the treatment room is impeccable.

Sue, Hull, Feb 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I am delighted with my procedure! Laura who did my eyebrows, was very professional and calm, and put me at ease straight away. They seemed dark at first but as promised did fade, and now two weeks on look great. I am very pleased I had it done and would certainly recommend Redeem in Hull.

Maureen, Hull, Feb 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Just to let you know, I am delighted with my eyebrows and the service I received from you. Would certainly recommend and return for further treatment.

Mina & Sherry, Halifax, Jan 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Received excellent service and very happy with the result of the treatment that myself and my daughter have had. We will recommend Laura at Redeem Clinic to everybody.

Gina, Hull, Jan 2012 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Nearly a week on from my appointment and I’m am thrilled with the results.  Having never used such a service before I didn’t know what to expect. You made me feel at ease and I was confident in your professional judgement throughout the process.

Having the discount voucher obtained from your website brought the value of the treatment down to a level which I would describe as good value for money.  I’m not sure that I would have been prepared to pay more for the treatment. As I have said I am very pleased with the results achieved and the treatment is some thing which I feel I am likely to maintain.

Thank you for you advice and guidance and good luck for the future of the business.

Sallie, Hull, Dec 2011 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I can only be honest about my procedure and treatment I received from Redeem and yourself and I would give you 100%.  My eyebrow tattoo procedure is wonderful, I am just coming to the end of my peeling stage and they look absolutely amazing even a lady who saw me today did not even know they were tattoo’s.  I found you very friendly and made the procedure (which some may find daunting) easy to cope with, it is clear you have a very caring attitude and I thank you very much and I will definitely be rebooking next year for a top up and possible other permanent makeup procedures.

Samantha, Leeds, Nov 2011 – Brows – Permanent makeup reviews

I am absolutely delighted with my results. You have made a fabulous job of the semi permanent makeup on my upper and lower lids, the colour is great and the definition lines are accurate and very neat. I was very happy with the price as I had one of your discount vouchers. Overall, I am very impressed.

Margaret, Leeds, Nov 2011 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

My experience with redeem was excellent Laura was brill.

Collate, Leeds, Nov 2011 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

I was fine with treatment and Laura was lovely but I must admit I expected a better look with final result …… i.e. nicer and better shape of eye brows (Collate later returned for a touch up).

Michele, Halifax, Oct 2011

The service was excellent and the voucher made it great value for money. I have talked to other friends who have had the same treatment elsewhere and it seems that I had a much better experience than they did. I am happy to recommend you to any one as I am really pleased with the service and results.

Wendy, Rotherham, Oct 2011 – Permanent makeup reviews

I had my eyebrows tattooed on the 13th October 2011 in Hull and i would like to let everyone know how pleased I am with them. The service I received was excellent from my first contact with Redeem by email to the actual day of my procedure. I was treated very well, and to say I am pleased with my new eyebrows is an understatement I constantly tell people that I had them tattooed and am very proud of the fact and no one can tell they are not my own. Once again I Thank You for making me feel a million dollars.

Janice, Brough, Sept 2011 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

My eyebrows are great now that they have settled down.

Helen, Hull, July 2011 – Semi permanent makeup reviews

Good value for money and Laura is lovely. Will def use again! Thank you

If you are still unsure, then some clients have kindly advised that they are more than willing to take phone calls to expand on their experience, giving direct semi permanent makeup reviews,  tattoo removal experiences or scalp micropigmentation before and after advice with Redeem Clinics. Should you require any telephone numbers then please email Redeem through the contacts page and they will be only too happy to help.

We welcome your permanent makeup reviews and testimonial reviews on any of the Eyebrow tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip Tattoo or Rejuvi Tattoo removal services and would welcome any comments you may have to suit. Please email us through our contacts page.

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