Why we offer 3 laser types?


Redeem Clinic

So why are Redeem clinic a first choice consideration with regards to your tattoo removal requirements? It’s simple we’re possibly the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinic in the UK and Yorkshire region with all clients being able to benefit from :-

  1. Ruby Laser tattoo removal for removal of Blue, Black and GREEN pigments*.
  2. ND Yag laser tattoo removal for removal of Blue, black and RED pigments*.
  3. Pico / Alexandrite laser removal for removal of Black, Blue, Green, Red pigments*
  4. Combination of both ND Yag laser, Pico laser & Ruby laser tattoo removal techniques allowing for laser removal of many other colour combinations*.
  5. Rejuvi tattoo removal capable of removing ALL coloured tattoo pigments*.
  6. Highly trained, experienced, mature laser tattoo/rejuvi tattoo removal technicians*.
  7. High end, quality laser equipment capable of removing all layers of pigments within the dermis layer of the skin*.
  8. Client option for either total tattoo removal or colour fade/reduction for future cover up requirements*.
  9. Female and Male tattoo removal technicians.
  10. 20% reduction on national average amount of treatment sessions required to remove tattoos.
  11. 100% no obligation, FREE 30 minute consultations.
  12. Price match promise.

Don’t just take our word for it, you can see our wonderful client reviews HERE

At Redeem clinic we recognise that since the deregulation of the laser tattoo removal industry in 2010 that many beauty and tattoo parlours have introduced laser tattoo removal services to their existing service lines. Although the deregulation initially added a greater amount of competition and consequently drove down prices for the clients there has also been some concerns within the industry especially given that the only legal requirement for a person to use a laser for tattoo removal is to do an online 40 minute course, they can then buy a cheap laser from abroad and commence treatments. The latter as you will expect has resulted in some scary treatment stories, poor removal results and increased health/Scar risks for the client.

Within Redeem Clinic our laser tattoo removal treatments are simply based around guaranteeing the safety of the client whilst also ensuring some of the best laser tattoo removal results within the UK today. This is why our laser tattoo removal technicians are all highly trained individuals with years of experience to date. We invest in the highest quality lasers available in the market today and to our knowledge are the ONLY clinic in the UK utilising all 3 types of stand alone tattoo removal lasers (Ruby laser, Pico laser (inc Alexandrite head and ND yag laser). The business is all about removing the clients tattoo, not making a quick buck from as many low priced treatments we can achieve and in this way we see total removal results on average within 20% less than industry based averages, which sometimes combines both our laser and Rejuvi systems.

With less treatments, we hope to remove the clients tattoos more quickly overall, reduce the risk of scarring whilst also keeping down the overall treatment costs to a minimum. Through this method we see countless new clients, week in week out as well as seeing many other clients who have had laser treatment elsewhere yet want to now work with Redeem Clinics to further lighten and see the total removal of their tattoos.

One of our Hull tattoo removal client stills before and after video:-


In principle laser tattoo removal technology for both ND Yag laser , Ruby laser and Pico laser tattoo removal machines is the same and we hope to help educate our potential clients via the further information on this site, however clients should be mindful that different laser types remove different colours. ND Yag laser will remove Blues, Blacks and Reds, whilst Ruby laser will remove Blues, Blacks and Greens and our Pico laser (inc Alexandrite laser) will remove Blues, Greens, Blacks and Reds. However by combining treatments between the three laser types based on the principle colour spectrum a combination of various other colours can also be removed. Laser technology alone however will not remove all colours especially whites and Yellows (however yellows can be faded in many instances). Whilst there are many different brands and manufacturers of Ruby lasers, Pico lasers & ND yag laser it is important to ensure the power output of such lasers is sufficient to reach the deeper inks within the dermis layer of the skin. Consequently many cheap entry level lasers may remove some of the top layers of ink within a tattoo yet rarely (if ever) are capable of removing lower level inks due to their low power output and laser spot size.Naturally at Redeem Clinic we are principally about total tattoo removal (even though we also perform colour reduction for tattoo cover ups should the client require)and consequently have only invested in high end, multi power laser equipment which is very capable of reaching all layers of tattoo pigments, ensuring we can give our client the very best of results and the true option with regards to total pigment removal or the lesser preferred colour fade option for tattoo cover ups.

Why do we have a Pico laser when our Ruby laser and ND yag laser are capable of removing the same coloured ink pigments? Quite simply we believe in offering the client choice. A Pico laser will shatter ink under the skin ten times quicker than a Ruby or ND yag laser, this commonly results in less trauma to the skin as well as allowing the body dispatch the fragmented ink more efficiently, reputedly reducing the number of treatment required. As each laser has an expense associated to it, we also allow the client choice with regards to cost of treatment they choose to afford.

Redeem Clinic are also one of the very few clinics in the country that have full qualified male and female laser tattoo removal technicians therefore being fully able to respect the clients preferences with regards to the gender of technician available to them, especially when it comes to removal of tattoos in those more intimate areas.

With our Ruby laser tattoo removal, ND Yag lasers tattoo removal, Pico laser tattoo removal and Rejuvi tattoo removal options Redeem Clinic are one of the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinics in the Country ( and especially in Yorkshire), so there’s no better time to become that new you?  Always remember to look at our New/Offers page to check for offers prior to booking.

We hope to hear from you soon.

*Results may vary from person to person


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