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Immediate Care

NB. This Rejuvi tattoo removal aftercare * advise refers to clients of Redeem clinic only.

If a dressing is required ensure it is loose fitting and breathable. Do not leave any dressing in prolonged contact with the area (1hr – 6 max hours). The treated area should be allowed to air dry and usage of dressings should be avoided if possible.

If the dressing adheres to the treated area, cut around the trapped sections and remove as much of the dressing as possible. Encouraging attached dressing off will forcibly remove the crust and the newly constituted skin beneath, greatly increasing the risk of scarring.

Aftercare Instructions

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1. Keep the area dry. If water does come in contact with moisture, use a cotton ball to gently remove water from the area. Cover the area while showering or bathing. Do not swim, soak or expose the area to steam. Direct contact with soap or water may cause the scab or crust that will form to break off which is what you are trying to avoid. Do not allow the scab to get softened by water or moisture.

2. Do not pick at or peel off the crust or scab that will form from your Rejuvi application. Due to the design of the product the crust keys into the skin extremely hard.Over the next seven to twenty one days the scab should peel off naturally. Avoid heavy work outs or excess sweating which will dampen the crust and lead to infection.

3. If you happen to see signs of infection, using a cotton bud, clean the area by gently applying an antibiotic ointment near the edge of the area. If you are unsure always consult with your doctor, they may recommend you take antibiotics to assist with pacifying the infection. Do not allow medical staff to forcibly remove the crust as this will cause excessive trauma to the skin and will increase the risk of scarring. If the procedure site is below the waist healing may take longer. Initial weeping may be greater due to higher fluid pressures in the lower body. Elevating the area especially whilst sleeping helps the healing process.

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4. Once the scab falls off naturally, the skin area will have an irritated red look that will persist for the next two to three months. If you received the Rejuvi Soothing Cream from the technician that gave you your Rejuvi treatment, apply this cream immediately after the crust drops off to diminish redness and help the healing process. Also using a silicone gel sheet will also reduce the potential for scarring.

5. You will most likely experience itching as the area heals but refrain from acting on the feeling. Do not scratch the skin! Try tapping the area to help with the itchy sensation. If you give in to the desire, you may cause damage to the area which may result in scarring. If you suffer an allergic reaction to the remover (excessive swelling or itching) contact your technician. It is advisable to take antihistamine or anti-allergy remedy. Some swelling and itching is a normal part of the healing process.

6. After the area has healed completely, the removal process can be employed again to clear up any areas remaining.

7. Try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight after the treatment, treated areas can be more sensitive to sun exposure for some months after treatment. Use a good sun cream/block and expose the area gradually to the sun avoiding prolonged exposure. Once fully healed the area should still tan as normal.

8. The area may be tattooed again after the skin has completely healed, usually after 6 months minimum (once the area has completely healed). Your tattoo artist will determine if the skin is ready.

After Care - Before & After

Your ability to follow the instructions you are given for your Redeem aftercare is important to the ability of Rejuvi to remove your tattoo and leave your skin clear and unblemished.

(*Our aim is keep all our clients/potential clients as informed as well as attempting to be as ethical as possible in relation to all the services we offer and consequently it should be noted that  Rejuvi tattoo removal  is not an exact science and results can vary between each clients. Although total removal is our ultimate aim some may experience only partial removal due to factors outside our control. All clients must have a full consultation with one of our technicians prior to carrying out any of the above advise)

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