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Our Laser tattoo removal before and after page is constantly being updated. All photos are 100% genuine from within Redeem clinic and have not be altered or photo-shopped. As well as showing tattoo removal before and after shots, we have also included some ‘in progress’ and after ‘one session’ photos in order that you can see the progression stages of laser tattoo removal. Please be mindful that as we don’t tend to see a client once the tattoo has totally gone, the photos stating ‘ 1 more to go’, ‘number of sessions etc’ often are the last photo of the client we have as their tattoo has been totally removed to their satisfaction. See under text for all before and after photos

Our intention is not only to show you final laser tattoo removal * results pictures, yet to show you some of the photos throughout the course of the treatment. You can then see how various tattoos react to the treatments and how many treatments are needed to reach various stages. Obviously various factors contribute to the number of treatments needed and whilst some of our tattoo removal before and after photos may show removal results within as few as four treatments other tattoo types may require several more laser sessions to achieve total removal.

The three types of laser used within Redeem Clinic (ND Yag, Ruby & Pico) are the 3 leading types of laser within the industry, therefore we like to say that ‘if we can’t remove your tattoo then its unlikely that any one else can’*  We’re capable of removing almost every colour within a tattoo (whites & yellows can not be removed by any laser, yet can be faded) add this to our Rejuvi tattoo removal service that can remove all colours then you truly are unlikely to find a more comprehensive tattoo removal clinic anywhere else in the UK. The best part is that as well as having exceptional results Redeem clinic also offer some of the best value for money treatments in the industry also.


Nd yag laser before & after*



hull laser tattoo removal*



best laser tattoo removal*



Leeds pico tattoo removal*last photo of client


  ruby laser tattoo removal hull


  Tattoo removal leeds*last photo of client



tattoo removal ruby laser*


tattoo removal near me*


ruby tattoo removal 2*last photo of client


purple tattoo removal*last photo of client


Pico laser tattoo removal*


laser tattoo removal hull*last photo of client


Hull tattoo removal*


home made tattoo removal*last photo of client


green ink tattoo removal*


Finger tattoo removal*last photo of client


cream tattoo removal*last photo of client


colour tattoo removal*


Black tattoo removal*last photo of client


alexandrite tattoo removal*


532nm tattoo removal*



laser tattoo removal before and after*



arm tattoo removal*


kneck tattoo removal*


pico laser before and after*last photo of client


shoulder tattoo removal*last photo of client



ruby tattoo removal leeds*



  leeds tattoo removal*



 laser tattoo removal hull*



  picosure tattoo removal*



  before & after laser tattoo removal*


*Results may vary from person to person

* Last photo of client. Obviously as and when a clients tattoo is totally removed we don’t tend to see them any more and can’t take a photo of the tattoo totally having been removed. These photos are therefore evidence (as far a possible) that total removal has been achieved to the clients satisfaction.

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