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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a form of tattooing hair follicle simulations into the scalp*. The technique entered the UK market place in 2002 and has since vastly improved to a point that the hair follicle are virtually indistinguishable from the natural human hair follicle. One of the leading factors in the improvement of the scalp micro pigmentation technique has been the introduction of the Tricopigmentation solution to hair tattooing. This has allowed the foundation of cross disciplines allowing the introduction of the 3D effect, true follicle size match and colour match, whilst also offering a permanent and semi permanent treatment option*.

Tricopigmentation and Scalp micropigmentation are the process of adding pigment to a person’s head that can replicate a real head of shaves hair or add densification to someone who’s hair is thinning, who are suffering from hair loss or are balding in particular areas*. Scalp micropigmentation pigments are entered into the dermis layer of the skin (just like a tattoo) and are consequently permanent, where are Tricopigmentation pigments enter the epidermis and sub-dermis layer resulting in semi permanent results.

Tricopigmentation was developed in Italy by Malina Lardy. Malina had seen the growth in the art of scalp tattooing, scalp pigmentation / SMP as a solution to clients suffering from hair loss, having trialled serval methods herself she was unable to find any form of existing system that utilised the very fine needles necessary to give a realistic hair follicle representation, a system that used a colour system that could match the clients natural hair colour, or a method that over the years would not see the inks bleeding/blurring into the scalp whilst allowing future hairline revisions to match the clients age as they became older. Having historically already established her own internationally recognised micropigmentation business and training school ‘Golden Eye’, Malina decided to attempt to resolve the issues she believed was giving micro scalp pigmentation a bad name whilst also introducing a system that would be a true alternative to hair transplant, help clients with hair loss , could give clients their confidence back whilst fixing the failing of the traditional hair tattoo business.


After many attempts Malina eventually developed ‘Pigmentalia (Tricopigmantion) ’ a scalp micropigmentation system that gave ultra realistic hair follicle representation, hair follicle that had a density and density pattern that looked entirely natural, were matched to the clients natural hair colouring whilst meeting the ageing demands of the client. Having only historically found scalp pigmentation  systems that utilised traditional tattoo guns, were completely reliant on the dexterity of the technicians hand and which needles were too large to give a realistic hair follicle look, Malina concluded the only path forward would be to produce specialised equipment, needles and pigments in order to resolve the challenges the historic scalp micropigmentation industry had presented her.  Through Malina’s pure determination and integrity to only offer clients a micro pigmentation system that truly met all her clients desires and wants ‘Pigmentalia’ was born. Of recent times the latter has heavily influenced the traditional scalp micropigmentation market also allowing for the introduction of greatly improved digital micropigmentation equipment, ultra fine needles, colour stable (organic) inks and ‘cross discipline’ methods.


Pigmentalia (also known as Tricopigmentation ) was the reputedly the world’s first form of scalp micrpigmentation that had uniquely designed digital electronic micropigmentation machines that allow the needles to be set at a constant skin depth (ensuring the pigments only entered the epidermis and sub-dermis skin levels making the follicles semi permanent in nature), had the finest needles available in the market, has a needle direction system that manages natural hair density perfectly and has unique designed pigments that can be matched to the clients natural hair colour whilst never changing colour. This drove Redeem Clinic to ask the question why the traditional SMP market on a whole weren’t trying to emulate this exceptional standard and accordingly they have become one of the innovators in ‘cross discipline’ methodology SMP. SMP that uses new digital hand pieces, not traditional tattoo guns, SMP that uses ultra fine needles as well as Trico only needles and SMP that utilise natural organic pigments designed to ensure true colour/Shade. The latter not only allows Redeem clinic to offer its clients the semi permanent makeup procedure of Tricopigmantation by it also allows them to offer the new cutting edge technology of permanent SMP procedures, which can replicate hair follicle to match the clients own follicles (large, medium or small), can ensure the colours never change, whilst if required giving a 3D effect also.

The human head consists of millions of hair follicles and it is therefore necessary that a scalp micropigmentation method ensures that the amount of pigmented dots that are added to the scalp have the highest density necessary to match the natural density of the client (density becomes less intense as we age) whilst ensuring this density is inserted in a very natural manner. This is why the Redeem Clinic system uses some of the finest, bespoke produced, needles and a gradient system that create entirely natural hairlines that will fade to the edges whist also being highly concentrated to the main area of the scalp. Even the incredibly expensive follicle (hair by hair) hair transplants don’t seem to be able to match the natural density system ‘Redeem Clinic’ has to offer and it is capable of resolving the vast majority of hair loss ailments .


Many traditional scalp micropigmentation treatments and businesses will look to complete a client treatment in one siting or one day of treatment. With the Redeem Clinic Trico or SMP approach the treatments require at least 2-3 sittings, this allows the technician in conjunction with the specific density program to create a truly natural appearance. In the initial sitting the technician will add a light density of follicle, filling the required area. On the 2nd sitting the technician is then more able to see a densification level that ‘sits best’ with the clients requirements and add further densification to suit. The third sitting is required to ensure perfection of the process and is carried out 30 days after the initial treatment. This allow for time for the pigments to settle into the scalp after which some touch-up may be required to fill in the odd missing follicle if necessary. For those suffering total hair loss or Alopecia totalis then on occasion in conjunction with our 3D method 4 sitting may be required. Some clients may prefer the convenience of only one sitting yet the ‘Redeem Clinic’ system is more about giving the client that perfectly desired look for years to come over and above a quick fix method.

hand43D blend effect with Trico directly after treatment*

Possibly the most important aspect of the Redeem Clinic treatment programs is their ability to adapt with the client as they age. Traditional and scalp pigmentation / hair loss methods are very permanent in their nature. On average although deemed permanent and for life a traditional SMP procedures with be effected by UV light over time and subsequently a truly natural look is supplemented by a ‘top up’ treatment every 3-5 years. .  Tricopigmentation only enters pigment into the epidermis/Sub dermis layer of the skin, making that treatment semi permanent. In its semi permanent nature it lasts 12-18 months, yet with regular ‘top ups’ can last for as many years as the client requires. Through the consultation period in which a client is choosing their hair line the very vast majority of clients will want a hairline that matches their age, with traditional tattooed hairlines this is all well and good at first, yet when the client ages another 10-20 years they are left permanently with a hairline that now looks very unnatural and is not consistent with their real age. Redeem Clinic are all about giving the clients a more youthful, healthier hair representation, not unrealistic, unnatural results. Therefore with Tricopigmentation the pigments can be allowed to fade back as the person ages and new more age specific hairlines can then be re-introduced, after all who wants a twenty year olds hairline at the age of fifty/Sixty (you may however want a more realistic and youthful hairline of a 40 year old). The same applies to people with diffuse thinning / thin hair, yes obviously no one will want a very thin head of hair yet as density diminishes as we age then the hair follicle density should adapt also. Take for example a person with a receding hairline to the front of their scalp at the age of thirty, this person had densification to this area with the traditional tattooed method of scalp micropigmentation / hair tattoo, however as they age their hairline recedes further leaving a permanent heavily densified area to the front of the head. With Tricopigmentation this area should fade back in line with the natural receding of the hair line and the densification then altered to match the natural hairline position. Alternatively should the client choose to change to a ‘close shaved head or hair’ appearance then the hairline can be brought forward again and the hair follicle density altered to match their age. With their ‘Cross disapline’ SMP methods Redeem Clinic can also offer clients flexibility with regards to their choice of a permanent pigment procedure by either introducing semi permanent follicle representations to the front and side hair line areas, thus allowing the fading out of pigment to these areas or should client choose a permanent hair line, yet want to alter it or the density of their treatment in years to come then Redeem clinic also specialise in laser removal techniques (having already gained years of experience with their standard tattoo removal service).


hand5Crown densification with Redeem before and after hair loss*

Trico and cross discipline SMP is reputedly said to be said to be one of the world’s leading and most cutting edge form of Scalp micropigmentation and Redeem clinic are very proud to be able to offer this life enhancing hair replication / hair loss treatment program to their portfolio of ‘client first’ services. What’s more Redeem Clinic are delighted to be able to maintain their ethos of ‘Excellence in everything they do at a price the client can afford’ and accordingly offer their Trico and SMP services on average at 10%-25% less than their nearest UK single discipline competitors. What’s more with clinics in Leeds, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax and Sheffield our SMP and Trico-pigmentation services are easily accessible throughout Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

Such life changing services can be very hard to choose and this is why Redeem Clinic offers a completely FREEconsultation service in which they allow the client to make their own minds up with regards to their hair loss solutions, no pressure, no sales, just factual, honest, qualified and professional advice (Not forgetting with Redeem offering both SMP and Trico then you can also rely on a truly non biased opinion on your specific needs).

Time to get your confidence back?

*Results may vary from person to person



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