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A selection of our Tricopigmantation / scalp micrpopigmentation before and after photographs showing some of the incredible results this treatment can bring our clients. As can be seen both SMP and Trico are a true alternative to the common hair transplant procedure. Should you wish to discuss how The Hair Redeem Clinic can help you then we would be more than happy for you to attend a FREEconsultation. At the consultation we can address your particular individual needs, talk through the procedure more at length and even prepare your very own facsimile pictures of your scalp before and after the treatment giving you all the tools you need when choosing to move forward with pigmentalia (tricopigmantation) at The Hair Redeem Clinic.

Please note that some of the images on this page are pre-treatment before and after photographs we prepare for clients in order that they can see the finish results prior to proceeding to full treatment.

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hair transplant in men


Hair densifiction


hair fibre powder


scalp tattooing


hair loss


female hair loss


hair fibres


hair fibre


hair loss in women


hair micro fibers


Hair transplant costs


Hair densifiction


hair thickening


hair tattoos


hair thinning treatment


head scar.


head scar camouflage


micro scalp pigmentation


pattern baldness


hair transplant scar


receding hairline


how much is smp


scalp micropigmentation 2


scalp micropigmentation




scalp pigmentation


shiny scalp


scalp tattoo




tattoo hair


scar comouflage




tattoo hairline


his hair clinic


tattooed hairline


tattooed hair


tattooed hair


tattooed hair


So why Redeem Clinic and Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia?

  1. High levels of professionalism including Medically trained staff
  2. Our leading technician and specialist has treated 1000’s of client to date in relation to our Micropigmentation services.
  3. Redeem Clinics have established a strong reputation through their award winning customer service levels and business innovations.
  4. Redeem Clinic only use the latest clinically approved methods of Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia and not standard Scalp micropigmentation / Hair transplant services.
  5. The Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia treatment does not simply rely on the dexterity of the technician alone to produce leading results. The systems and unique equipment use a revolutionary technique that ensures perfectly placed ‘hair follicle pigment representations’ that ultimately result in 100% realistic and nature looking hair.
  6. Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia means you will never have to worry about the future possibilities of ‘helmet head’, blurred/bleeding pigments or unnatural youthful hairline as you age.
  7. With Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia you will never incur the need for laser tattoo removal (As laser specialist also we know that with scalp tattoos it is not possible to guarantee total removal of permanent pigment, there is a realistic risk of scaring, it can take 6-12 months to remove pigment and the treatment is of course very painful).
  8. Unlike Hair transplant or Scalp tattooing treatments Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia is 100% reversible, meaning if desired the scalp will return to its original unblemished state.
  9. The Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia colour system allows for the pigments to perfectly match the clients natural hair colour, using unique keratin copied pigments (these pigments never change colour, bleed or blur).
  10. No worrying about hair transplant scars in years to come.
  11. No trainee technician, beauticians or old school tattooist, just highly qualified and fully experienced technicians.
  12. Initial costs for our Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia are on average 40% cheaper than the alternative Scalp micropigmentation / tattooing services.
  13. Life time costs for our Tricopigmantation / Pigmentalia are on average 20% cheaper than the alternative Scalp micropigmentation / tattooing services.
  14. You are welcome to attend any of our clinic throughout the Yorkshire region, these are Leeds, Halifax, Harrogate, Hull and Sheffield.
  15. No talking up of unnecessary or unsuitable treatments.
  16. The highest degree of client aftercare and top-up service (inc FREE top-up at 30 days if required).
  17. Ever growing and glowing client testimonials for review on our website.


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