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Redeem Clinic was established by husband and wife team Mike and Laura Cherrington in 2011. Originally the business concentrated it efforts around the world of facial aesthetics micropigmentation, offering clients semi permanent makeup brows, lips and eyeliner treatment whilst also offering the unique form of tattoo removal (that also used micropigmentation methods) of Rejuvi. Within the first four years the business became recognised for its specialised micropigmentation services and opened various new clinics throughout Yorkshire region. The business has since expanded further by further specialising in laser tattoo removal and the vastly expanding world of scalp micropigmentation * / Tricopigmentation *. With award winning accreditation behind them Redeem Clinic now have clinics and are proud to be part of the Yorkshire success story with clinics in Leeds, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax and Sheffield.

Scalp micropigmentation has come a long way since the old days of tattooing hair follicles onto the head that looked unrealistic, changed colour and inks bleed/blurred over time. Tricopigmentation and the modern methods of scalp micro pigmentation now utilised at Redeem Clinic are the cutting edge follicle replication treatment, that ensure the pigments don’t discolour, give constant perfect hair follicles representation, can be ultimately adaptable to suit the clients natural hair line as they age, and where/if required allows the clients scalp to return to it original state pre-treatment

Tricopigmentation or Scalp Micropigmentation can be the perfect alternative to hair transplant treatments at a fraction of the costs.

hair fibre powder*

female hair loss*

Redeem Clinic and their Trico / SMP treatments offer clients that suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, pattern baldness, alopecia etc, the opportunity to regain their youthful looks whilst more importantly allowing them to regain their personal confidence. There is no better felling than waking up and not having to worry about the ‘looks’ we’ll receive that day, having to comb over those balding areas or hiding away under a wig or hat.

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Full Trico / SMP treatments can change that bald head into one of a younger, wonderfully  natural shaved hair effect, whilst for those clients with diffuse thinning hair or hair loss issues densification with pigmentalia gives that  perfect full head of hair appearance. Once more the pigments used will never smudge or run, giving you that guaranteed confidence for years to come.


As one of the initial companies in the UK to offer the client both Tricopigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation services from the same location, the client no longer has to travel to various sites to learn about both processes, can be assured that they receive unbiased advised on both forms of treatment and feel confident that the advise being given is the best solution for their hair loss requirements.

*Results may vary from person to person

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