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Scalp Micropigmentation and Scalp Tattooing have been around for over a decade now and when the treatments were 1st introduced they were seen as a revelation within the hair transplant / hair thinning community. However regrettably in the years since, due to poor workmanship, poor pigments, ink migration and non-trained tattoo technicians getting in on the act we are starting to see more and more horror stories in relation both scalp micropigmentation and scalp tattoo treatments. We now find that as well as many clients seeking out our alternative Tricopigmentation services many clients have started to contact in relation to our scalp micropigmentation laser removal* services also.

UntitledBotched SMP by others. Cover up risks even more pigments migrating into one another over time, far better to removal with laser and start again.

If you know of Redeem clinic you’ll know that we’ve been in the tattoo removal* business for as long as we’ve been in the micropigmentation business, this mean scalp micropigmentation laser removal and scalp tattoo laser removal is not new to us. Also we are recognised as one of the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinics in the region, offering Ruby laser tattoo removal*, ND yag laser tattoo removal* and Rejuvi tattoo removal* services. We’re also proud to say that no other scalp micropigmentation, scalp tattooing or Tricopigmentation company in the UK offers such extensive tattoo removal service than Redeem Clinic. What does this mean? Well put simply where most scalp micropigmentation services concentrate their effort on scalp pigmentation treatments and have laser tattoo removal* as an inexperienced side line at Redeem clinic we’re experts in both scalp micropigmentation laser removal and experts in Tricopigmentation.

bad scalp micropigmentationClients original scalp micropigmentation treatment( by others) then touched up by semi permanent makeup technician (by others) leaving very poor results as well as blue tinge to cluster areas.

So what are the most important things to look for when searching for scalp micropigmentation laser removal *?

Firstly it’s critical that you find a technician that understands the science of tattoos, how the ink is held in the dermis layer of the skin via the bodies collagen cells. How different laser are used to break up different pigments to a size that the collagen will allow the release of the created micro particles to which the body’s immune system in turn take them away. How to prevent trauma and reduce the risk of scarring, especially when treating such a thin delicate skin areas such as the scalp. Technicians that have laser equipment that will actually remove pigments that may have turned, green, blue or red over time and not just standard black pigments (as one laser will not remove all colours no matter what some technician may have you believe). How different skin types react to lasers and how many skin types are actually not suitable in the first place for scalp micropigmentation laser removal.All this said however we believe the number one priority in finding a laser technician for the removal of any form of scalp tattoo is in finding one that puts the clients welfare first over and above a ‘quick buck’. We hope to think the laser removal technicians within Redeem Clinic meet each and every one of these criteria if not more.

Helmet head scalp micropigmentationClassic helmet head result due to age of scalp micropigmentation treatment, migration, blurring and follicles too close together (by others).

We should stress that at Redeem clinic we do not perform Scalp tattoo laser removal *on any of our own micropigmentation clients, we only laser clients that have been treated at other clinics and are looking for remedial work or total removal. Why is this we hear you ask? Well it’s simple, as we don’t treat clients with scalp micropigmentation or scalp tattooing and only treat Tricopigmentation then there is never a need for laser tattoo removal with Tricopigmentation. Over the years Tricopigmentation naturally exfoliates, never changes colour, never bleeds or blurs yet still gives some of the highest standard hair follicle representation in the market today. Who would you trust with your Scalp micropigmentation laser removal, the technician that botched your treatment in the first place or a clinic that specialises in all forms of tattoo removal as well as the industry’s leading hair follicle replication treatments whilst ensuring you never have to go through scalp tattoo laser removal EVER again?

The SMP laser removal* service is carried out within the Redeem clinic in Hull. This said however,due to our expertise in this field we actually find the majority of our clients will travel from outside the region, with many clients actually travelling from far afield as London, Manchester and Newcastle. All of our clients are welcome to attend any of our clinics in Leeds, Halifax, Harrogate and Sheffield (as well as obviously Hull) for their FREE consultations and when they ready to move forward to either total or partial removal of their scalp hair tattoo then they can have the confidence that Redeem clinic in Hull was the best choice for their Scalp Micropigmentation laser removal *.

*Results may vary from person to person


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