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Having specialised in micropigmentation since 2011 The Hair Redeem Clinic has seen many varied treatment options made available for scalp micropigmentation ( SMP Hair ) over this time, Redeem Clinic chose not to rush into this evolving area of scalp hair tattoo treatments. As their mantra is ‘Excellence in everything we do at a price the client can afford’ it was imperative that they only enter the market when they felt a true client solution had been found and one that could meet with the clients desires and expectations today whilst also ensuring the treatment could naturally progress with the age of the client in years to come. This is why at Redeem Clinic they chose to initially only offer the Tricopigmentation form of scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP Hair), whilst latterly now offering ‘cross discipline’ scalp micropigmentation also.

Tricopigmentation offers the client the opportunity of the very best scalp pigmentation available in the marker today, one in which the pigments will never discolour, which allows a ultra realistic hair follicle representation, which pigments can be matched to the clients natural hair colour and one that over time can be adapted to suit the clients changing desires . There is a very good reason why Pigmentalia Tricopigmentation training is the most expensive form of training within the market and its quite simple it gives some of the very best results that fully meet with ALL the clients expectations. Having honed these skilled Redeem clinic chose in 2017 to expand their scalp micropigmentation services by also offering clients the traditional form of  permanent Scalp Micropigmentation also, thus giving the client a true choice in service knowing they would be free from a biased view towards one service or another whilst exploring some of the best hair loss solutions for them as an individual.



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Our client’s needs and desires vary greatly and we cater for both men and women suffering from hair loss, thin hair, diffuse thinning, pattern baldness, hair thinning, alopecia, premature balding etc, frankly clients that simply want to retain their head of hair and youthful looks. Tricopigmentation and Scalp micropigmentation offers the perfect alternative to all the clients vary needs. Redeem Clinic have a very strong reputation as being one of the ‘best value for money’ clinics in our region and this is reflected through all our treatments as well as our Tricopigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation ( SMP Hair) services. At Redeem clinic we truly understand the distressing consequences many of our clients suffer through hair loss, especially when it comes to the finances to resolve such issues. Miracle topical hair solutions are often the first hair reclamation approach clients will spend their money on until they eventually realise that miracles really don’t happen, past this clients historically have really only had one other  option, hair transplants. Hair transplants for the majority of clients are out of the question due to very high costs, invasive procedure and fear factor. On average Tricopigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation ( SMP Hair ) with Redeem Clinic is at least a 50%-70% lower than the price of traditional hair transplants, does not leave scars and is wholly adaptable/future proof.



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Cost is often the first reason a new client will choose Redeem Clinic for a treatment however this is not how we like to be envisaged, we believe ‘unprecedented value for money’ is a far better way to reflect our services. Ultimately we look to offer the very highest levels of service the industry can afford thus ensuring exceptional standard, an enviable quality reputation, a service the client can afford and a treatment diary that is continually full. Please see our costing page separately.


You won’t find generic beauty technicians, one a penny tattooists, newly qualified individuals or high pressured sales personnel at Redeem clinic. You will find industry leading experts, micropigmentation experts, raving reviews and staff that see a resolution to your suffering not simply your bank account. At Redeem Clinic we live on our reputation and in doing so we are never prepared to compromise our clients wellbeing for anything other than ‘Excellence in everything we do at a price the client can afford’.


Since they were established in 2011 Redeem Clinic now have five clinic locations throughout Yorkshire. Scalp micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation treatments are available at our clinics in Leeds, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax and Sheffield.

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