3D Scalp micropigmentation

We’ve all seen some great scalp micropigmentation pictures and results, yet in reality in the cold light of day these treatments when captured at an awkward angle can sometime look flat or washed out. This is where 3D scalp micropigmentation comes into play, utilising differently toned pigments and different needle sizes the hair follicles can be given the illusion of depth, thus giving a very natural and authentic appearance all round.

3D scalp micropigmentation UK*

3D scalp micropigmentation is only really suitable for the shaved head appearance. Where some clients may need the 3D scalp micropigmentation appearance to blend in with their existing hair this form of procedure can often best benefit clients with total hair loss or Alopecia totalis.

The 3D scalp micropigmentation effect is achieved by adding a final layer of pigment after the normal procedure would otherwise be deemed complete. This layer is somewhat darker, applied with a thinner needle, and more sparsely distributed over the treatment area. The thinner needle draws more ink closer to the surface of the skin and given the addition of a darker pigment also then this gives the illusion of a natural 3D effect. It is important to remember that the 3D scalp micropigmentation effect is simply an optical illusion and will not change the surface texture of the skin, this said, unless you’re closer than 300mm away from the scalp it’s almost impossible to differentiate from natural follicles.

3D scalp micropigmentation*

Redeem clinic can replicate this procedure with both forms of their scalp pigmentation process be it Trico-pigmentation* of Scalp Micropigmentation*, once again proving themselves to be at the cutting edge and skill sets within the industry.

*Results may vary from person to person

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