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Ten good reasons to use Tricopigmentation * rather than Scalp micropigmentation or Scalp Tattooing?

If you’ve looked into scalp micropigmentation then you probably have heard of Tricopigmentation * . The latter forms of treatment are at the cutting edge of scalp micropigmentation and have several leading factors for consideration when deciding which course of treatment to take. With more than 400 scalp micropigmentation clinics around the world at present Tricopigmentation *  clinics may only be few in number at present yet this has been primarily because of the high costs of training and exceptional standards expected from it technician. This said however the sector is growing fast due to its key advantages over the traditional scalp micropigmentation and scalp tattooing treatment. Here are a few of those advantages (although price is a factor when considering any life changing procedure such as these, we always suggest this factor to be the least important consideration when deciding which treatment to go with):-


scalp micropigmentation leeds

  1. The Tricopigmentation *  treatments are reversible with no need for additional treatment for removal, therefore removing the leading apprehension factor for not moving forward with a scalp pigmentation treatment.
  2. No risk of ‘Helmet head’ with Trico.
  3. No risk of over densification of hair follicles with Trico and Pigmentalia due to unique follicle placement system used.
  4. No risk of pigments changing colour in years to come as Tricopigmentation * and Pigmentalia pigments never change colour and have been uniquely designed to mimic that natural keratin pigments in natural hair. Pigments can be match to all natural hair colours (excluding red heads or very light blonde)
  5. No risk of pigments blurring or bleeding into the permanent dermis layer of the skin as in the vast majority of instances will happen with scalp tattoos in years to come . Tricopigmentation *  pigments only enter the epidermis layer of the skin and therefore will not blur or bleed
  6. Initial treatment costs for Tricopigmentation * are lower than traditional scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing.
  7. Long term top-up costs and life-long costs for Tricopigmentation * are lower than traditional scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing.
  8. Tricopigmentation * never has to be laser off.
  9. No risk of scaring due to laser removal and no risk of the laser not being able to remove the permanent ink as found as a consequence in every form of laser tattoo removal.
  10. Hair lines can very easily be altered and adapted with Tricopigmentation * and Pigmentalia treatment to move with the client as they age without the need for any other form of reversal procedure.

Oh and by the way, although black and dark Asian skin types can be treated with all forms of scalp pigmentation it is only reversible with Trico as laser removal should not be used on black and dark Asian skin types.

We know that because the vast majority of the technician in the world currently use the traditional scalp micropigmentation / hair tattooing methods then they do not want you to hear the above leading benefits of Tricopigmentation * treatments arguing that this form of treatment is nothing but temporary. Far from it, with regular top up treatments (yet still at a lower lifetime cost than scalp micropigmentation) Tricopigmentation * will remain a lifetime and for those clients that change their mind, well within as short a period as 18 months the scalp can return to it totally natural state.

Don’t get us wrong at Redeem Clinic we offer both Tricopigmentation * and Scalp Micropigmentation services, we naturally let the client choose which service is best for them. Armed with this information, we simply say Scalp micropigmentation or Tricopigmentation *, you decide?

*Results may vary from person to person

The risk of varying suppliers for Scalp Micropigmentation.

A client recently contacted us in relation to our laser tattoo removal services in concerning the scalp micropigmentation treatment he had recently.

The client had initially had a successful scalp micropigmentation treatment by HisHair clinic in London and although satisfied with the results he was disappointed to see the treatment had faded to the point within only 12 months he felt he needed a touch up treatment. As the treatment by HisHair clinic was a full SMP treatment it had been quite costly and consequently funds were a little limited only 12 months later. This lead the client to seek an alternative supplier, noting that most of the recognised scalp micropigmentation supplier out their charged a very similar rate to His Hair clinic then the client chose to take the route of asking a friend. Ooops, obviously the first wrong move.

The client’s friend seemed to have some knowledge of the industry yet had not performed the treatment before, however they believed with their micropigmentation skills and equipment they had then it would be easy to replicate the work carried out by His Hair clinic. Mistake two. As those in the industry know the scalp is very different to other areas of the body and consequently the micropigmentation techniques differ greatly as do the needles and pigments used. Also the vast majority of technicians out there had trained over a considerable length of time in specialist scalp micropigmentation techniques that ensure the perfect hair follicle representation via densification, fade outs, colour matching etc. The result from the clients friend tattooing their scalp with semi permanent pigments was that within three months the inks started to migrate into one another and change colour, obviously leaving a wholly unnatural effect as can be seen in the photograph. The client went back to his friend and asked what could be done, to which it was agreed that they would treat the area again yet with a different pigment. Mistake number three. Although the new pigment they chose was that supplied by Scalp Aesthetics and consequently should be stable this pigments is a single colour only and consequently cannot be matched to the client natural hair colour or the original colour used by His Hair clinic. The one benefit of the Scalp Aesthetics pigments is that they are allegedly charcoal based and consequently although only one shade they should not change colour. Also different pigments can have different constancies, add this to different needle sizes then when entered into the skin it virtually impossible to replicate the initial treatment exactly (by HisHair). However the main issue here was adding new pigment over the recently discoloured pigments as a mean of correction. This can’t happen, simply covering one colour with another will never stop a pigment that has bleed or change colour from being seen and with all SMP in which pigments are permanent (as they enter the dermis layer of the skin) then repeat top ups can result in ink clusters and quite often the effect known as helmet head. Adding more permanent hair follicle dots to an already treated scalp eventually looks very unrealistic no matter how hard the technician tries (qualified or not). This is what started to happen to the client scalp, although his friend told him he only entered the pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin (this it would not be permanent) then having set the needles at 2mm and given the very thin nature of the skin on the head it is very likely that the pigments went into the dermis thus making them permanent.bad scalp micropigmentation*

So we hear you cry ‘well all should be cleared up easily with laser tattoo removal treatments shouldn’t it?’and this is what the client believed also. However although laser tattoo removal can remove scalp micropigmentation treatments it’s not the simple quick fix many technician would have you believe, especially in this client’s case. Firstly there are absolutely no 100% guarantees that laser tattoo removal will remove pigments that have been entered into the skin, especially when taking into consideration semi-permanent pigments. The latter pigments very often contain particles of metal oxide and when ‘zapped’ with a laser these pigments can heat up and fuse together. When fused together (especially when in the dermis) these inks will then stay in the skin permanently and without medical extraction cannot be removed. Also if a pigment changes colour then some colours are very difficult to remove by laser (although not impossible). Most pigments that change colour will change to a light blue or green which can take many treatments to be removed by laser. Regardless of this fact laser treatment is a multi-treatment process. On industry averages it takes 11 treatments to remove a tattoo and although scalp tattoos can need less treatment due to the thickness of the skin there are other consequences to consider. Thinner skin, is far more susceptible to scaring and lasers need to be set at far less power to remove the pigment, less power usually means more treatments overall also. A minimum of 6-8 weeks should be left between each treatment meaning that at the very best the client can expect removal to take at least nearly six months to remove the scalp tattoo and on average a year.  With laser tattoo removal there comes trauma, not just the pain of having the treatment (which can be considerably more painful than a tattoo) but often resulting in reddening to the scalp, bleeding to the scalp, scabbing to the scalp or sometimes blistering. This trauma often remains for several weeks after each treatment, leaving the clients scalp looking unsightly, unnatural and often drawing unwelcomed attention from others. Should the laser removal result in scarring (industry averages 6%) then as well as having unsightly scares it becomes difficult to tattoo new pigment into scar areas, so reapplication of the initial treatment is not so easy if impossible in some cases.

Although this article has concentrated on one clients story, the facts are that is you move from one scalp micropigmentation clinic to another, there will be risks associated to the finished results. Risks that include different follicle dot sizes, different coloured inks, different density and ultimately a risk of pigment clusters and helmet head. So the advice is simple, be very warry of changing your supplier for Scalp Micropigmentation or better still if you want to prevent all future complication including the risks involved in laser tattoo removal then simply opt for a scalp micropigmentation systems that only enters the pigments into the epidermis layer of the skin such as Tricopigmentation * . This method will give the same (if not improved) appearance of Scalp micropigmentation yet does not need laser tattoo removal, the inks do not change colour, the inks can be matched to the clients natural hair colour, they never result in helmet head and ultimately  are flexible to the changing desires of the client.

*Results may vary from person to person

Why would you believe everything they say ????

The facts are that in the world Scalp micropigmentation, Hair tattoo and Hair transplants there are the opportunities to charge desperate clients very high fees and consequently a lot and time and effort is spent in trying to convince clients that they should use one’s service over and above someone else’s. With this fact the industry has started to become a little bit mistrusted as unscrupulous businesses tell their tall stories to gain your ‘well earned’ cash. At Redeem Clinic we live and die on our reputation and consequently never give our clients false hope, unrealistic expectations or offer treatments which in years to come see a client regretting the day they ever went ahead with it. Yes as any business we have a focus on making money but consider this, our business offers four key treatments areas, Semi permanent makeup, Tattoo removal, Tricopigmentation/SMP *, whereas 95% ** of our competitors only offer simple ‘Scalp micro pigmentation’ treatments (this said 1st and foremost we are pigmentation specialists). You can imagine therefore how desperate they are to gain your business. As a company The Hair Redeem Clinic spreads its income over a broad client base and is not wholly dependent on just one, thus making us far less likely to manipulate the truth simply to win business from a ‘scalp micropigmentation’ client we are desperate to have. We actually gain as many clients from referrals as we do from advertising and the simple reason is that we never stretch the truth and have only ever looked to offer the very best services within the fields we practice within. Ensuring we put the client first means our treatments are never carried out by trainees, semi skilled practitioners or beauticians, we only have fully qualified, senior, fully experienced professionals. As a business we actually turn away on average 10% of potential clients as we ethically don’t believe the treatment they are looking from us would benefit them. We’re realistic, you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time and we would rather be honest than have an unhappy client on our hands, regardless of the money. After all ‘one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel’. We don’t believe in the hard sell either, with the majority of our clients they are making life changing choices and they should be allowed to take time to consider their options and treatments available. This is why unlike most you will find the cost of our treatments on our website. Most of our competitors will ask you to attend a consultation where they can pressure sales you before giving you a price or ask for your contact details over the web prior to sending you a price list. The Redeem Hair clinic does not believe in this, with our open door policy, what you see is what you get. You can experience the truthful and frank nature of our business via our FREE consultation service, in which you won’t find any hard sell, hidden prices or false promises.

Oh and one final thing, we’re one of only a handful of clinic in the country to offer both Tricopigmentation and Scalp micropigmentation service ensuring a truly unbiased approach to both treatments with regards to alternate hair loss solutions. So why not come and see why we are one of the most trusted clinics around?

*Results may vary from person to person ** Statistics may not be sustained and can vary

Scalp micropigmentation that you have to laser off ???

We have noticed recently that to try and combat the leading edge technology of  Pigmentalia / Tricopigmentation * that some of our stand alone scalp micropigmentation and hair tattoo competitors have started to advise their clients that their systems are as adaptable and versatile as Tricopigmentation *. Well we are sorry to say that this is frankly not true. At the Redeem Hair Clinic we have been offering laser tattoo removal since 2011 as a completely separate entity to our Tricopigmentation * services and consequently we are somewhat experts in this field also, having carried our 1000’s of laser tattoo removal treatments to date. The stand alone SMP and tattoo clinics are giving clients the false impression that hairlines and mistakes can be remedied or altered very easily using laser tattoo removal technology. Well we suppose if you advise your clients that laser can’t start for at least 12 weeks after the latest scalp pigmentation application, advise them that there are absolutely no guarantees that laser will remove all pigment, can leave scaring, can change pigment colours and on industry average takes 11 sessions (with 6 weeks in between each session) to remove pigment then I suppose you can say SMP and hair tattooing can be adaptable. Oh and nots let forget the pain!. You have to ask yourselves if it were that easy to adapt and remove then already having laser tattoo removal treatments within their clinics why would The Hair Redeem Clinic have only chosen to offer their clients Tricopigmentation * treatments as well as SMP, afterall Scalp Micropigmentation and hair tattooing equipment and training is a fraction the cost of ‘Tricopigmentation* / Pigmentalia ’ equipment and training. Well in those well used words of Mr Ronseal, Pigmentalia does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, its ultimately adaptable as clients go through the ageing process, allowing hairlines to be changed, reducing densification to suit the natural remaining hair of the client whilst going back to the natural ‘hair loss look’ if required. At The Hair Redeem Clinic we don’t believe in giving client false hope to cover up the inadequacies of a service we just give simple true facts and total confidence in what we say we deliver.

You have to question a clinic that has a laser machine sitting beside them just in case they make a mistake (even though they don’t understand that on average it will take at least a year to remove pigment)? Yes mistakes happen, so it’s very important that whichever scalp micropigmentation system we use, we use one that is future proof and adaptable and one that ultimately meets our personal longer term requirements.

*Results may vary from person to person