Ten good reasons to use Tricopigmentation * rather than Scalp micropigmentation or Scalp Tattooing?

If you’ve looked into scalp micropigmentation then you probably have heard of Tricopigmentation * . The latter forms of treatment are at the cutting edge of scalp micropigmentation and have several leading factors for consideration when deciding which course of treatment to take. With more than 400 scalp micropigmentation clinics around the world at present Tricopigmentation *  clinics may only be few in number at present yet this has been primarily because of the high costs of training and exceptional standards expected from it technician. This said however the sector is growing fast due to its key advantages over the traditional scalp micropigmentation and scalp tattooing treatment. Here are a few of those advantages (although price is a factor when considering any life changing procedure such as these, we always suggest this factor to be the least important consideration when deciding which treatment to go with):-


scalp micropigmentation leeds

  1. The Tricopigmentation *  treatments are reversible with no need for additional treatment for removal, therefore removing the leading apprehension factor for not moving forward with a scalp pigmentation treatment.
  2. No risk of ‘Helmet head’ with Trico.
  3. No risk of over densification of hair follicles with Trico and Pigmentalia due to unique follicle placement system used.
  4. No risk of pigments changing colour in years to come as Tricopigmentation * and Pigmentalia pigments never change colour and have been uniquely designed to mimic that natural keratin pigments in natural hair. Pigments can be match to all natural hair colours (excluding red heads or very light blonde)
  5. No risk of pigments blurring or bleeding into the permanent dermis layer of the skin as in the vast majority of instances will happen with scalp tattoos in years to come . Tricopigmentation *  pigments only enter the epidermis layer of the skin and therefore will not blur or bleed
  6. Initial treatment costs for Tricopigmentation * are lower than traditional scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing.
  7. Long term top-up costs and life-long costs for Tricopigmentation * are lower than traditional scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing.
  8. Tricopigmentation * never has to be laser off.
  9. No risk of scaring due to laser removal and no risk of the laser not being able to remove the permanent ink as found as a consequence in every form of laser tattoo removal.
  10. Hair lines can very easily be altered and adapted with Tricopigmentation * and Pigmentalia treatment to move with the client as they age without the need for any other form of reversal procedure.

Oh and by the way, although black and dark Asian skin types can be treated with all forms of scalp pigmentation it is only reversible with Trico as laser removal should not be used on black and dark Asian skin types.

We know that because the vast majority of the technician in the world currently use the traditional scalp micropigmentation / hair tattooing methods then they do not want you to hear the above leading benefits of Tricopigmentation * treatments arguing that this form of treatment is nothing but temporary. Far from it, with regular top up treatments (yet still at a lower lifetime cost than scalp micropigmentation) Tricopigmentation * will remain a lifetime and for those clients that change their mind, well within as short a period as 18 months the scalp can return to it totally natural state.

Don’t get us wrong at Redeem Clinic we offer both Tricopigmentation * and Scalp Micropigmentation services, we naturally let the client choose which service is best for them. Armed with this information, we simply say Scalp micropigmentation or Tricopigmentation *, you decide?

*Results may vary from person to person

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