Scalp micropigmentation that you have to laser off ???

We have noticed recently that to try and combat the leading edge technology of  Pigmentalia / Tricopigmentation * that some of our stand alone scalp micropigmentation and hair tattoo competitors have started to advise their clients that their systems are as adaptable and versatile as Tricopigmentation *. Well we are sorry to say that this is frankly not true. At the Redeem Hair Clinic we have been offering laser tattoo removal since 2011 as a completely separate entity to our Tricopigmentation * services and consequently we are somewhat experts in this field also, having carried our 1000’s of laser tattoo removal treatments to date. The stand alone SMP and tattoo clinics are giving clients the false impression that hairlines and mistakes can be remedied or altered very easily using laser tattoo removal technology. Well we suppose if you advise your clients that laser can’t start for at least 12 weeks after the latest scalp pigmentation application, advise them that there are absolutely no guarantees that laser will remove all pigment, can leave scaring, can change pigment colours and on industry average takes 11 sessions (with 6 weeks in between each session) to remove pigment then I suppose you can say SMP and hair tattooing can be adaptable. Oh and nots let forget the pain!. You have to ask yourselves if it were that easy to adapt and remove then already having laser tattoo removal treatments within their clinics why would The Hair Redeem Clinic have only chosen to offer their clients Tricopigmentation * treatments as well as SMP, afterall Scalp Micropigmentation and hair tattooing equipment and training is a fraction the cost of ‘Tricopigmentation* / Pigmentalia ’ equipment and training. Well in those well used words of Mr Ronseal, Pigmentalia does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, its ultimately adaptable as clients go through the ageing process, allowing hairlines to be changed, reducing densification to suit the natural remaining hair of the client whilst going back to the natural ‘hair loss look’ if required. At The Hair Redeem Clinic we don’t believe in giving client false hope to cover up the inadequacies of a service we just give simple true facts and total confidence in what we say we deliver.

You have to question a clinic that has a laser machine sitting beside them just in case they make a mistake (even though they don’t understand that on average it will take at least a year to remove pigment)? Yes mistakes happen, so it’s very important that whichever scalp micropigmentation system we use, we use one that is future proof and adaptable and one that ultimately meets our personal longer term requirements.

*Results may vary from person to person

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