Why would you believe everything they say ????

The facts are that in the world Scalp micropigmentation, Hair tattoo and Hair transplants there are the opportunities to charge desperate clients very high fees and consequently a lot and time and effort is spent in trying to convince clients that they should use one’s service over and above someone else’s. With this fact the industry has started to become a little bit mistrusted as unscrupulous businesses tell their tall stories to gain your ‘well earned’ cash. At Redeem Clinic we live and die on our reputation and consequently never give our clients false hope, unrealistic expectations or offer treatments which in years to come see a client regretting the day they ever went ahead with it. Yes as any business we have a focus on making money but consider this, our business offers four key treatments areas, Semi permanent makeup, Tattoo removal, Tricopigmentation/SMP *, whereas 95% ** of our competitors only offer simple ‘Scalp micro pigmentation’ treatments (this said 1st and foremost we are pigmentation specialists). You can imagine therefore how desperate they are to gain your business. As a company The Hair Redeem Clinic spreads its income over a broad client base and is not wholly dependent on just one, thus making us far less likely to manipulate the truth simply to win business from a ‘scalp micropigmentation’ client we are desperate to have. We actually gain as many clients from referrals as we do from advertising and the simple reason is that we never stretch the truth and have only ever looked to offer the very best services within the fields we practice within. Ensuring we put the client first means our treatments are never carried out by trainees, semi skilled practitioners or beauticians, we only have fully qualified, senior, fully experienced professionals. As a business we actually turn away on average 10% of potential clients as we ethically don’t believe the treatment they are looking from us would benefit them. We’re realistic, you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time and we would rather be honest than have an unhappy client on our hands, regardless of the money. After all ‘one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel’. We don’t believe in the hard sell either, with the majority of our clients they are making life changing choices and they should be allowed to take time to consider their options and treatments available. This is why unlike most you will find the cost of our treatments on our website. Most of our competitors will ask you to attend a consultation where they can pressure sales you before giving you a price or ask for your contact details over the web prior to sending you a price list. The Redeem Hair clinic does not believe in this, with our open door policy, what you see is what you get. You can experience the truthful and frank nature of our business via our FREE consultation service, in which you won’t find any hard sell, hidden prices or false promises.

Oh and one final thing, we’re one of only a handful of clinic in the country to offer both Tricopigmentation and Scalp micropigmentation service ensuring a truly unbiased approach to both treatments with regards to alternate hair loss solutions. So why not come and see why we are one of the most trusted clinics around?

*Results may vary from person to person ** Statistics may not be sustained and can vary

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