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The principle idea behind the Redeem Business is to give the clients the highest levels of services whilst also ensuring those services meet the best value for money in the region. This is why within our clinics we employ no beauticians or semi skilled staff , we only employ the services of highly trained, highly skilled staff that not only are experts in their field yet also have many years of life skills too. Add to this their Botox cost and Dermal filler cost then Redeem Clinic are a must consider practice in relation to their anti wrinkle treatments.

The world of Botox and fillers practitioners is extensive, yet even the government is coming around to recognising that the unregulated nature of the business creates risk and adversity within the industry. This is why Botox has become a prescription only product and as such can now only be prescribed by trained medical staff and Doctors. Where other Botox clinics in Hull and the Yorkshire region may get around this by having a prescribing nurse/doctor issuing the Botox and then a semi trained technician administering the treatment at Redeem we take our commitment to the clients health and welfare very seriously and this is why we reach the highest standards possible by utilising fully medically trained staff only for the full service. A doctor or nurse are one of the people that can prescribe Botox and fillers and carry out the treatment themselves on the same day.

The beauty behind using highly experienced doctors is not only the clinical care they bring to the service but also their levels of expertise when it comes to needle implementation, expertise that makes the client as comfortable as possible whilst also ensuring the very best of results.

For all this high levels of service, expertise and amazing results then you may expect a price tag to go along with it, well not at Redeem, we as ever are committed to the high level service with industry leading prices ensuring we see clients time and time again. We believe our Botox and fillers services are the best value for money treatments that money can buy within our region.


Botox Cost (see above for treatment area picture)

Our favoured product of choice for our Botox treatments is Azzalure, in terms of price and exceptional results:-

  • Botox cost 1 area = £140
  • Botox cost 2 areas = £190
  • Botox cost 3 areas = £240
  • Additional areas = £50
  • Under arm sweating = £350 (both sides)


Dermal Filler Prices

Our favoured product of choice for our Dermal Filler cost treatments is Juvederm Ultra, once again in terms of price and exceptional results:-

  • From £150 depending on area and volume of filler

Due to the nature of the treatment each client varies when it comes to the depth and area of Dermal Fillers and therefore set fees are difficult to determine. However you can be rest assured that the doctor can give a fixed price once they have seen the treatment area in question at your free consultation.

Please note that currently we only offer Botox in Hull and Dermal Fillers in Hull and East Yorkshire clinic. Coming soon we hope to open the following:- Botox in York, Botox in Leeds, Botox in Harrogate and Botox in Halifax.

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